Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Uber Late Post

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Uniform parade (my son is the biggest among the boys but he is not the oldest) sadyang malaking bata lang ang aking anak..

Beware, an uber late post!!! Well, what can I do I am a super proud mama. I am pretty sure all the mama out there will appreciate and understand how does it feel when our child is doing good in every thing he/she does. Few weeks ago, I blog about my son as one of the contestant for the Search for A1 child, the highlight of their school in celebrating the nutrition month.
talent presentation

It did not matter to me if he will win or not. What matters to me is the exposure he will get, as it will help him overcome his shyness. As a student, I am not really expose in joining school programs. Not because I am shy, but unfortunately I do not have any talent to show up.. shame on me..

The winners Mr. and Ms. A1 Child 2009

Back to my son, he never fails to amazed me every time he ramped on the stage. So wonder, I almost jumped when the emcee announced the name of my son as the A1 Child 2009.

A pose with his teacher, teacher Candice

Though I am a bit disappointed when the judge proclaim the best in sports wear attire because the number she called was my son number but surprised when she called another name. What a shame… but at the end of the day it come to my knowledge that my son who won the best in sports wear attire.

With cousin Arriane Faith before the sport wear parade


Genejosh said...

congrats sis..galing ng anak mo!

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Arlyna said...

One adorable son you have there!

PinayWAHM said... should be proud. I always love reading Moms post about their kids....we should be proud of them kasi they are our kids, di ba?

Congrats to you and to your little man, of course!

Mommy J

Cyntia said...

You have a gorgeous son and congratz for the A1 Child 2009.

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imelda said...

wow justin is so cute talaga, a1 na a1 huh!