Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kohler Kitchen Sink

Whether you are building your new home or renovating your old home choosing the perfect materials that suit your taste and budget is not easy. If you are searching for Kohler kitchen sinks, I would suggest you yo log on to They are the leading distributor of kitchen and bathroom products online. One can get the lowest possible price without sacrificing the quality of the products. For more information you can visit the site now.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quicky Update

I am at the internet cafe this time. I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago. As much as I want to stay longer to blog but I am tired and I really need to sleep early. Been doing the laundry the whole day.

To my visitors, thank you for always visiting my blogs although I sometimes miss visiting you back. I promise to make it up to you guys as soon as I have longer time staying online. Bye for now folks!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Searching For Good Investment

I guess most of us want to have a good investment for the future. As a mother I always think of my son's future. If there is one thing that I would love to do all day without complaining it would be searching of what kind of investment to start with. And so far, I found out that collecting gold bullion and other form of gold is one of the good investment that anyone should try. I also found out that in terms of gold bullion, gold coin, rare coin and other precious metals is the perfect place to log on.

So if you are searching for a good investment why not try precious metals? You will surely be amazed of the outcome few years.


Wow, I missed updating this blog for few days. Well, I am usually online but because my time is very limited I could not update all my blogs every time I am blogging. I am always in a hurry to finish my online tasks before my pc freeze. If I am in at the internet café like now I am also doing my online tasks. So you see, I really don’t have enough time like I have before.

I am thankful that I manage to visit some blogs yesterday and today. I am planning to do my weekend blog hopping at the internet café so I could visit more blogs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Binibining Pilipinas International 2009 Died In A Car Accident

Indeed car accident happened everywhere and in fact lots of news about car accidents has been reported for the past couple of months. The recent victim is the Binibining Pilipinas Internation 2009- Melody Adelaide Manuel Gersbach. She was with her makeup artist Alden Orense, and her driver, Santos Ramos Jr were also killed during the incident. Gersbach was supposed to attend Ms. Bicolandia Executive Committee meeting for Ms. Bicolandia 2010 at the Avenue Hotel in Naga City when they collided with a assenger bus in Barangay Pawili in Bula.

My condolences to the family of Melody Gersbach. I am sure she will always beremembered by Filipinos and her friends.

More about Melody Gersbach:
Personal Life

Gersbach hailed from Daraga, Albay, in the Bicol Region. Her father is of German nationality (Wolfgang Gersbach) and her mother is a Filipina (Marina Manuel). She is a management graduate of the University of Asia and the Pacific and was managing a family business (a restaurant) in Bicol at the time of her passing.


Gersbach, then age 23, was crowned Binibining Pilipinas International 2009 on March 7, 2009. She was the first Bicolana beauty to hold a Binibining Pilipinas title since Miriam Quiambao last won the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown in 1999. Gersbach represented the Philippines in the 49th Miss International 2009 pageant on November 2009 in Macau, China, where she placed among the top 15 semifinalists.Gersbach was also one of the pageant coaches along with Stella Marquez-Araneta who help choose the wardrobe for Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010, Venus Raj. Shortly before her passing, Gersbach said she told Raj “to relax and enjoy the Miss Universe pageant.’’

Credit: Wikipedia

Friday, August 20, 2010

Abt Electronics Coupons

Few years ago, I thought that I could only use internet technology in researching and communicating but I was wrong as I can also found great deals of everything. With a little searching you will be amazed how much you could save when buying online.

A while ago I found this site which offer abt electronics coupons, appliances coupon, clothing coupon, gifts coupon and much more. I bet this site is a must to visit site especially that holiday season is just few months away.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping Of Petite Clothing

Holiday season is fast approaching. As we all know this is the time when everybody gets busy shopping, whether it’s for ourselves or for present. Good thing online shopping was invented I can start my shopping anytime I want without going outside plus I can search from hundreds of petite clothing available online without spending too much. Apart from petite clothing I also need jewelries and home décor for my nieces and friends.

Long Sleep

I didn’t try to open my desktop last night that is why I had a long sleep. The boyfriend didn’t call so I also didn’t chat to the boyfriend like I usually do at nights.

When I tried to open my desktop this morning I found out that I have a one task that is going to expire in an hour or so.I only hope my desktop won’t be freezing too much so that I could finish my task before I lost it. Darn I could not afford to lose another task as I only lost four tasks last week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Antenna Reviews

A friend just purchased a television the other week. She asked me to help her find the best antenna available in the market today. Good thing I have internet as I could read honest antenna reviews. With this I could help my friend find high quality antennas. Through this site once could get outdoor antennas and indoor antennas that suit their needs and budget.

Should you need more information? I would suggest you to visit The Source for reviews and ratings of different types of antennas.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Online Toturial

When I was a student I was asked myself why we need to study mathematics since first grade. Like other students I also find it hard to come to understand with my lessons in school and I don’t know who to turn to for help. Luckily, there is to provide online tutorial help for students who have problem solving their math homework specifically Algebra 2. They are the leading online math tutorial in the World Wide Web. They offer an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects so they could use the service 24/7.

My nephew is in fourth grade and I sometimes have problem solving his homework so I always visit this site for 5th grade math and 4th grade math tutorial. I also found out that they also have tutorial help for Adding fractions and Formula for volume. If you are searching for Graphing linear equations I would suggest you to visit Tutorial Vista.

Uber Busy

My younger sister arrives last night with her family to attend the fiesta celebration but my sister will not go back to their place after she gives birth. She will give birth early next month though some stuff is starting to come out.

I also would like you to know guys that I would be busy until tomorrow so I could not return the visit yet but I promise to visit you back right after the fiesta celebration. So thank you guys for visiting me always although I haven’t return the favor yet.

Have a happy weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Son's Future

Times really flies it seems that is was only yesterday when I give birth to my son and before I know it he will be turning six years old in January.

On the lighter note, I have been asking some friends and reading articles how much it could cost me if I start to buy gold as I found out investing in gold is good way to safety once wealth. I don’t have lots of money but I want to safeguard the future of my son if in any case something happen to me. As we all know there is no such thing as permanent in this world.

No Update

Oh boy, I miss updating my wordpress blog. The other day I was about to pst a new post but I could not open the site nor log in to my dashboard. I don't know what is wrong with my hosting as I always experiencing downtime problem.

Times Flies!

It's confirmed I could not finish all the tasks that I need to finish. I only have minutes to left and yet I still have 6 tasks that need to be done. If i only have good computer I am very sure that I could finish them all. Now i don't have any choice but wish that I can still reserve them after rejecting them.

Gold Coin

Few days ago I was lying on my bed, something came up into my mind that is instead of buying expensive stuff that is not very important I should start investing my money in buying gold jewelries or gold coins as it will be beneficial to me and my family in the future. In this tough economic situation we should be wiser on how we spend our money.

Just recently, I happened to came across this site on where I could purchase gold coins, silver and other precious metals in case I would decide to invest in silver. So if you guys are interested to invest in precious metals you should start browsing at


Huh! Could this be true? I doubt it as I don't think I am genius.

You Are a Genius

You tend to let others have their way. You know that it's best not to put up a fight.

In the end, you get what you want anyway. You are believe in patience and kindness.

You are talented at sizing people up. You know what each person needs or wants from you.

You always have the advantage, but you don't always use it. Your intuition is a double edged sword.

Sleepy Early In The Morning

I know it’s very early but I only get to sleep for few hours. I slept very late last night and wake up at around five in the morning. Darn! If I only can stay longer in bed I should be staying but then I have some task waiting for me and boy I only have less than an hour to finish them all. I don’t think I could finish them especially that I kept restarting my computer.

Bullion Investment

As a single mother as early as of now I have been searching and planning on what investment should I enter when times comes. Good thing I have internet connection at home so I decided to start checking helpful information that could help me decide on where to invest my saving. On my search I figured out that investing in precious metal like gold and silver in bullion is a good way to invest.

Why? It is because it has been proven the price of precious metals never depreciate over the times. And when it comes to precious metals the right place to log on is

Morning People!

Good morning everybody! I slept late last night and yet here I am blogging in a very early morning. I still have some tasks left that will expire in two hours I am really hope that I could finish them all. But then when I was about to log in I could not open the blogger site. I don’t know what’s wrong but I hope it will be fix real soon or else I am going to lost some $$.

Anyway, I’ll check it again if I could open the site now.

Good night!

As much as I want to stay longer to make sure that I can finish the tasks left but my eyes is nearly close and I sometimes could not open it so I need to retype what I am doing as I could not understand what I am talking about. So I better go to sleep now before I fall asleep in front of the computer but I will get up early to finish my tasks.

So good night for now guys! See around..

Gold Bars

Are you one of those who have been searching for a reliable and dependable company that sells precious metals? Or perhaps you are considering on buying gold bar to add to your gold collection or investment purposes? Well, you can stop worrying now as is here to help you. One can purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

If money is not a problem I will surely invest my money in gold as I know it could help me and my family in the future.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time To Go

I need to go now guys! Hopefully I have longer time staying in here but I really need to go as I need to buy something for dinner. I will be back in an hour or so as I will continue blogging at home.

So ciao guys! See you soon.. hehehe....

Miss Blog Hopping

Darn! I miss blog hopping. It's been a while since the last time I blog hopped. Last night, I was about to do the blog hopping but then my desktop starting to get crazy and I could not finished opening a blog so I decided to just go to sleep and try it again next time. I only hope I have enough time to do it. I might do it at the internet cafe like I did today. I decided to stay longer after chatting to the boyfriend so I could do some of my pending task. Sigh! they are going to expire soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Royal Caribbean

Travelling outside the country is one of my dreams since kid but because of financial difficulties this dream stayed a dream. How I wish I came from a well off family so I could go wherever I want to go. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the Royal Caribbean so I visited to check it out and indeed this cruise is worth spending for. If I have money to spend I will surely book a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Migraine And Blogging

I woke this morning with a slight headache and while checking my mails and other online account I noticed that the slight headache turned to be a bad migraine. So I opt to go back to sleep although I just get up. After few minutes I doze off to sleep and woke up after two hours of sleeping only to throw up. To make the story short I was sleeping the whole day which also mean I missed chatting to the boyfriend. Sigh!

After a terrible migraine I am pleased that when I open my IPL dashboard my eyes widen when I saw an opps with a high payouts. For sometimes now, chasing opps with a high payout is seldom to happen so I always feel happy whenever I grabbed a high amount of opps.

Perfect Web Hosting Provider

Searching for webhosting provider? Well, there are many things to consider before choosing the right provider that suit your needs and budget. However, finding the right web hosting provider these days can be a tough job. One can actually find hundreds of webhosting provider which offer different type of packages and promises to be the best among other webhosting providers.

But if you will do a little research and lurk around the World Wide Web you will surely find a webhost provider that suit your needs and budget. As for, I recently stumbled upon this site which I think suit my site. I only have a little budget allotted for webhosting and I am pleased that web hosting hub is there to help me achieve what I want. They have offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free domain name, 24/7 technical support and much more. Well, what I really like in this site is that I can have my money back if I am not satisfied with the service 90 days.

So whether you are want a self hosted blog or a site for your online business Hub Webhosting is the perfect place to log on.