Friday, February 27, 2009

Diet Pills Information

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Layout for Designs and ScrapLO blog

Hurry, I am finally done changing the layout of my other blog, the designsNscarpLO. At first I am having a second thought on changing the layout but then i noticed that the previous layout layout was not appropriate to the blog title. It's my first time to use such color combination and i find it refreshing. What do you think? below is the screen shoot of the layout. You can visit the link about to see it live.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Contest Update

Yay, its been a while since I updated this blog apologize guys. But I always visit this blog to monitored the contest. To update the answers here it is:

Sweet Shelo's answers:
March 7,1979 30 years old

Chelle's answers:
March 23, 1979 30 years old

Rosa's answers:
March 18, 1979 30 years old

Retchie's answers:
March 21, 1983 26 years old

Klvingood's answers:
March 01 21 years old

Nedekcir's answers:
March 16, 29 years old

Laine's Cutie Adobe's answers:
March 19, 1981 28 years old

Mys answers:
March 7 turning 30

Good luck to those who joined the contest and if you haven't join the contest yet why not try your luck. Join now!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wanted to put the html code for the logo the to be copied by the participants without showing the logo instead the html code. Does anyone knows how to do it? please help I will really appreciate it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Contest

I’ve been planning to post the contest mechanic yesterday, but I was too lazy to update my other blog yesterday so here is it. The contest is free to all, may you a Philippine blogger, US blogger or a Europe blogger.**winks** Since this is my first contest I make it simple. Sponsorship is still open

Here is the contest mechanics:
1.Copy the contest mechanics and prizes in your post.
2.Put the logo in the blog post and in the side bar.
Select from the two logo:


3.Answer the following questions:
a. When is the exact date of my birthday [clue----> March]
b. How old I am.

4. The top 3 who got the right answer are winners which will be announce the following day on my b-day.
5. The contest will end at 12 midnight on my b-day
6. In case, no one got the correct answer at the end of the contestI will let my son pick the 3 winners.

First Prize:
Thoughts of a SAHM - $15
The Artist In Me - $5
DesignsNscrap – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 3,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits
Lynn's Chic Spot - 1000 ec credits
Weblog Designs – 500 ec credits and 1 month add space on the following blog:

Second Prize:
My Daily Thoughts and Moods - $10
A Momma’s Journal - $5
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 2,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 ec credits
Sweet Temptation - 1000 ec credits
Thoughts of a SAHM – 500 ec credits
Life Expressions – 1 month add space in all her blogs

Third Prize:
My Journey - $ 10
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger]
Thoughts of a SAHM – 2,000
Celebrate Life – 1,000
My Journey - 1,000
My So-called Life - 1000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits

My Life Perception’s and Inspiration – fashion watch see link [for US winner only]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines

Wow, my date with my college friends were great, we had fun eating and chit chatting. Since it is raining non-stop we opt not to go out instead we stay at the school canteen and ate the food that my friend bought outside . After our lunch they had a 3 bottle of beer, too bad I can not join them. I've decided to stop drinking almost a year now for health reason. **winks**

Though we did not roam around the downtown this time because of the rain we agreed to watch the movie of KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez next week. Hmmm.. I'm getting excited now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chikka, What's Up?

I've been trying to register at chikka text message but I do not understand why I always get an instruction details on how to register. But, boy I am sure that i type the correct keyword. Hay, I will try to register later and hopefully I will successfully do it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Contest

I’ve been planning to have a blog contest, my plan was during my first blogssary but sadly I forgot to plan about the contest a head of time. Since my b-day is past approaching I will be having a blog contest. And yes I badly needed some sponsors any amount is very much appreciated.

The contest is not complicated, I will only ask few important things about my self and the top 3 who got the right answer will win the prices. Hopefully I can get sponsored before weekend

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teary Eyes

I was watching the Buzz few minutes ago, I was teary eyed while watching the interview to the former Pres. Cory Aquino. Kris Aquino's message to her mom is touching. Indeed, she is right we owe everything to our mother. We are what are now because of our mother who takes persistence supervision to make us a better person.

Moving Trucks

Moving to some place might be a good idea especially if you are moving to a bigger and nicer place. But packing your things safely and transporting it to the destination is a tough and tiresome job.
However, with the help of moving is now easy and worry free. They offer affordable moving service, moving trucks, motorcycle shipping, corporate relocation, moving storage and many more. So, if you are seeking a worry and hassle free moving don’t hesitate to check their website.

I Sometimes Wish

Way back on college I have been dreaming to have my own pc. Having a pc that time would be a great help to my study. Since it’s only our mother who support everything that I and my 3 siblings need this dream was not realized. Good thing, my boyfriend decided to buy a pc for me so that we can chat whenever he had time without worrying when we need to chat at nights.

At times, when I am on travel and no available internet café on where I am. I sometimes wish to have a laptop. With this I can go online whenever I am without skipping my daily chat to my bf and neglecting my online duties.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Blog

Hello guyz! I hope you are having fun and enjoying the weekend. As for me here I do not have any fancy plan for this weekend. But yeah, i will be opening another blog for my designs. Yes, another blog to update and maintain.

Please do visit my DESIGNS AND SCRAPLO blog, I will be posting all my works in this website and i hope I have the mojo to post some of the scrapLO I made.

Amazing Solutions

I always make it a point to use proper products when it comes to personal hygiene. Well, I am not that meticulous when it comes to hygiene before giving birth to my son. But after giving birth I realized that I proper hygiene is very important. Luckily, I haven’t encounter problem such as vaginal dryness. But to those who are having this kind of problem, worry no more because there are lots of website that provide good product for this kind of illness.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grumpy Me

I am feeling grumpy today, I even don’t know the reason why I do. Yesterday was a tiring day for me. I brought my pc to repair shop finally after a decade of complaining about the hang ups.

The pc has got new power supply, processor fan and IDE cable, well the old cable is still working but the technician opt to change it for my pc’s sake. While waiting for the technician to be done on fixing the pc I decide to roam around the downtown area. It was raining but I do not have any other option to kill the time. I did check the movie showing but movies houses haven’t change the picture yet, so I have no other choice really.

Anyway, go back for being grumpy. I guess I will take a short nap and I hope I feel relieve after.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Good Morning guys! I guess it will be a rainy day in my place. The rain is starting to pour, too bad because I need to do offline errands today and going outside when it’s raining is not my liking.

Anyway, if someone in here is searching for coilovers for your auto, then I can help you find the right place to go. At you will find huge selection of coilovers for Mazda, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche and many more. So why go farther when you have it right in your finger tips.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog Makeover

I had my other blog changed the layout. The color I used in the old layout was strong so i decided to change it when i saw a lighter freebie kit. I also make the header more simple compare to the old layout. I guess, I will be using this layout always. Here is what I come up with. Comments and reactions are highly appreciated as it will boost my skills as a newbie in making layout. Please do visit my other blog to see it live.

Credit: Scraps Layout by Aussie Scrap Designs

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Afraid of Mr. Bean

Would you believe that my son is afraid of Mr. Bean? Yeah, he is afraid of Mr. Bean I really don’t know what he saw in Mr. Bean’s face to be afraid of. Maybe it’s the facial expression or maybe because he only hears people laughing on the background sounds. Whatever his reason to be afraid of Mr. Bean I hope he will get over it as he grow older. Cos I believe that show is funny, in fact my nephew and niece loves the show that they watch it twice during weekends.