Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be Wise And Secure

I shall prepare my self now in going to downtown to buy my medicine. My asthma is in on and off mode lately and my cough is getting bad. So the boyfriend advice me to buy the medicine that my doctor prescribe the last month. The medicine is quite expensive but works good to me.

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Monday, December 28, 2009


Suppose to be I am chatting to my boyfriend this time but then I got a call from him a while ago letting me know that he can't make it at 5 o'clock, the usual time for our afternoon chat. I didn't ask the reason why he was not able to come on time but surely I will when we chat at around 6 o'clock which is few minutes from now.

I really thought I can blog longer and do some of my pending task. But as usual my desktop is always freezing that it takes me almost half an hour to finally publish this post. Annoying as it is, but I need to deal with or else I will lost some of my task which is not good because blogging has been too slow this year.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jobs In New York

My friend has been trying to find a job for sometimes now but with the high level of competition among applicants she always end up losing the job and would land to a job that is not paying well. Lucky to who are living around New York because you can always search for jobs in New York online or better yet visit for more information.

Blogging While Waiting...

Geezzz.. I haven't blogging seriously for the past few weeks. Been too busy and lazy lol and if I have time to set in front of my desktop my desktop kept on freezing and sometimes I don't have enough patience to restart my desktop. So while I am waiting for my boyfriend to come online I might as well take this opportunity to read business plan writers which I recently found online. I don't have any plan to put up my own business soon but reading is a good way to enhance everyone's knowledge.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

Hello guys!!! May you have a blessed Christmas full of happiness with your love ones. myspace graphic comments

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drain Brain

Man, I have few task that need to be done today but I don't have enough energy to do it. I am very sleepy that my brain is not satisfied on what I am writing. I guess I need to take some nap before doing my tasks. Hopefully they are still available as I only have few hours to submit the link url.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cheap Wedding Invitations

My friend’s cousin is tying the knots with her long time boyfriend this month. The bride to be has been complaining to my friend how tiring and exciting preparing a wedding. Aside from spending a lot of money just to have a successful dream wedding it also need time and effort both to the groom and bride. So if you’re planning to exchange vows to your girlfriend or boyfriend you should be emotionally, spiritually and financially ready. Browsing the World Wide Web is a great way in finding great deals of wedding accessories like wedding invitations.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Short Update

I can't believe I haven't updating any of my blogs for the past few days. Aside from being busy my desktop won't allow me to do because it suddenly freeze. Just last night when I was chatting to my boyfriend I freeze many times before I finally log in to skype but after few minutes I freeze again that I decided not to go back to sleep. While typing this post I am boiling the pasta noddles that I will bring in my son Christmas party this morning.

I will do the blog hopping later today.. that is if I am not sleepy...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Monday

Geezz.. it will be a busy Monday for me. I really wanted to come only early to chat my boyfriend but I couldn't. Need to prepare the breakfast of my son and nephew and I woke up at around 6 am though the plan was to wake up at 5am but I was just too sleepy to get up. I do hope I will have time to blog hop later today..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Hopping

At last, after a decade I manage to visit some blog in my cbox and other blogs. I am glad that my desktop is not freezing this time hopefully I can continue blog hopping after I watch my favorite tv show. Though I doubt it as my eye is getting heavy. Anyway, if I can't make it again today I am sure I will continue visiting other blogs tomorrow.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Gezzz.. as early as now my eyes is getting heavy and nearly close. Well, no wonder I have been sleeping late at night because I want to finish the report I need to submit at the accounting office and hopefully I can tomorrow. But for now allow me to take a nap. I am nearly done doing my pending task and I will for sure return the visit to those who visited me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Geezz.. For few days I’ve been busy running offline errands which made me sleep late at night. Since I have a little boy who needs my attention early in the morning I need to get up early although I am still very sleepy. This morning, while looking myself at the mirror I notice that dark circles around my eyes are getting noticeable. Luckily, the dark circle around my eyes isn’t that bad so I don’t really need any eye cream. Just in case you’re searching for an eye cream to get rid the dark circles around your eyes you can visit They have listed the best dark circle treatment available in the market today.

Having A Hard Time

Wondering what I’ve been doing lately? Well, I’ve been uber busy doing my work as a treasurer. Now, that we are using the New Government Accounting System which is far difficult compare to the old accounting system that we’ve been using for many years I am having a hard time doing my work but with the help of someone who is good in this craft I am getting familiar to the new system little by little. And yes, I am almost done filling all my transactions and hopefully I can submit it on Monday at the accounting office.

Garage Flooring

I visited a funeral with my other friends few hours ago. In our way to my friend’s house we pass by a beautiful house near the street. The engineer or the architect of the house did a good job. And man the garage flooring of the house is superb which made the house more beautiful. Anyway, just in case you are in looking out of garage flooring for your garage floor I know a perfect place to head on. It’s called, just click the link for more information.

A Notebook For This Christmas

Grrrr.. It’s so annoying; my desktop is acting up again. I’ve so many pending tasks that need to be done as I’ve been off from the blogging world for the past few days. If money is not an issue I will surely buy a Sony VAIO notebook as a Christmas present for myself. Well, Christmas is just around the corner and I will be ecstatic if someone would give me a notebook as Christmas present.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Not In The Mood

Pardon me guys if I haven't visited you back. I am currently not in the mood to update my blog, I am pre-occupied with my offline life. I am doing a report which I need to submit as soon as I am done. Aside from this I am missing my boyfriend which is not good because I tend to be bad when I feel this way.

And last night I did something stupid, well it is not really stupid but I guess it's the best thing I could do as of this moment. I just hope I am right. I will elaborate what I am saying in my next post, hopefully. I will try to visit and blog hope later today..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Vacation

Time really flies and before we know it everybody is celebrating the most wonderful time of the world. Either you want it to celebrate with your love ones at home or a grand vacation outside the country you must prepared it ahead of time to avoid problems. Just in case you're planning to surprised your family to an orlando vacations I urge you to visit for affordable Orlando vacation and Disney vacation packages.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Manny Pacquiao

Pardon me guys for not posting informative post for quite sometimes now. I really wanted to do a post of Manny Pacquiao after winning the battle to Miguel Cotto.
Then there is a rumors spreading all over the showbiz world about his so-called relation to sexy star Krista Rannillo. I’ve heard many reports about Pacman and Ranillo but I am having a second thought whether to believe the rumors or not as they are currently shooting a new movie which will be shown next month. I remember when Ara Mina and Pacman did a movie there are also rumored that the two are having a relationship so I guess this rumors is just a publicity for this movie.

On the other hand I would like to congratulate Pacman for winning his 7th title in the boxing world. The first boxer to have a 7 title in boxing, amazing isn’t it? So no wonder Floyd Mayweather, Sr kept on bragging that Pacman is taking steroids or any enhancement drugs when he faced Miguel Cotto. But then Pacman tested negative for steroid and other enhancements drugs after his victorious fight over Cotto.
On my next post I will be posting about the Maguindanao massacre. I know this post is kinda of late as well but then as the saying goes “Better Late than Never”.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free Layout

I am giving away free holiday layout in my Design and Scraplo blog. If you want to have a blog facelift this holiday please do visit my other blog for more freebie layout.. Comments are highly appreciated... See you there!!!

Early Bird

Grr... I woke up at around 5 in the morning to use to the toilet but I couldn't go back to sleep. Annoying since I slept late last night I am a bit tired. And since my eyes is wide open I opted to hit the open button of my desktop and checked my inbox and started blog hopping.

I've been busy yesterday so I did not blog and I will be busy today as well so better grab the opportunity to blog hop.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

Hello guys! How was your weekend? As for me, I didn't go anywhere as I am not allowed to go outside as per the advice of my loving boyfriend. But then again, I had a very busy weekend. I did file some of the disbursement voucher for this year which I am going to submit to accounting office hopefully this week.

I also manage to download the Mozilla Firefox browser so I hope I could install the holiday layout for my other blog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Drug Addiction

For those who are into drug addiction this post might help you. As we all know drug addiction is one of the main problems of the society. People that are into drugs are rapidly increasing every year and this is alarming especially if the user is the younger generation. So if one of your family member is into drugs I urge you to bring him/her to the nearest drug rehab center before it’s too late. Restless, depress, anxious, weight gain or weight lose and heart disease are only few of drug addiction side effect.

Not Enough..

Yay, I've been sleeping most of the time for few days now but heck I don't know what is wrong to my body system as I always feel sleepy. My lalabs said I could be the medicine that I was taken few days ago that make me feel sleepy.

Well, it weekend now and I usually catch a long nap every weekend and I hope I will have enough sleep so that I will not be yawning in front of the webcam when I chatting to my boyfriend.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Virtual Office For Your Business

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Long Nap

Wow.. I had another long nap earlier. I opt to read after deciding to logoff from blogging this morning but fall asleep. I only woke for a seconds when my son arrived from school and let me know that he is home. What a good son.. I just hope that the rest I am taking would help to get rid of the cough.

For now, I am getting sweaty in here so I better take a shower before continue blog hopping..

Boost Your Immune System

Geezzz.. I’ve been sick for many days now although the asthma is finally off the cough choice to stay with me lol. I am finished taking the medicine yesterday that the doctor prescribe and I only hope the cough will get rid of me this weekend. I really hate the idea of going back to the doctor if the cough continues until next week.

And because of this I am considering in taking any supplements that would help boost my immune system. It is believe that the himalayan goji juice support the immune system and heart. It also believes to support the body cells and make you feel younger.

Off From Blogging

I was off from the blogging world whole day yesterday, not because I want to take a break but because I need to attend a meeting in the morning and after the meeting I pick-up my son in his school then we headed to downtown. And when I get home it time for me to chat my lalabs and after chatting I don't have the energy to blog although I really want to blog hop but I opt to have dinner and take a nap before chatting to my lalabs again.

I just hope I will have enough time to blog hop today as I need run errand out of the blogging world lol. Anyway I hope you are all having a good time blogging. See you around guys!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toronto Hotels

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Taking A Break

I've been sitting in front of my deskstop for few hours and I guess it's time for me to take a break and be back afterawhile. My son just arrive from school and I heard him asking my mother if I am here. Poor son he always thought I anm outside everytime he arrive from school. Well, no wonder because last week I am always outside every time he go home.

Anyway, I promise to make it up to my son as I am planning to bring him to downtown with my nephew and watch movie. Hopefully this weekend.

Wrinkle Cream

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Pouring Of Blessing

Yes, blessing is pouring this time. As you all know I've been off from blogging for few days because of health problem. And since yesterday blessing are keep on coming I only hope I will have the payment in my paypal account before Christmas so I can buy something for self. hehehe..

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my visitors that keep on coming back to visit my blogs although I can not visit them back immediately.

Have A Smile That Tells A Thousand Words

Ever have one of those days where you wish you did not take for granted your oral hygiene? Today while looking at the mirror I noticed that the broken teeth I have is getting worse and I wished I brush my teeth regularly when I was a kid. That is why I always see to it that I brush my son’s teeth regularly to prevent from having teeth problem in the future.

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Done Finally

Yes, I am finally done eating my breakfast it's kinda of late but I was chatting to my boyfriend and I don't want us to stop. I am also done taking my medicine for this morning. I hope the cough will get rid of me after I finish my medicine because if not I need to go back to my doctor which made me a little nervous cos he might ask another laboratory. As for the record I am not a needle friendly..

So I pray that I will get better soon...

Equipped Your Home Theater With Best Sounds

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Night!!

Just done chatting to my lalabs and I am going to bed now. Thanks to those you return the visit immediately, finally I made it today. I was able to visit some of the blog in cbox and hopefully I can continue the blog hopping tomorrow.

For now allow this sick blogger to visit the land of dream. Hope you are having good time blogging like I do today lol.. Well no wonder I got few tasks today. Thanks for the blessing I really need some molah next month.

Illness Symptoms And Treatment

A week ago I was having dry cough and later on asthma strikes me which brought me to visit my doctor as I am having problem breathing when I lie down. I have this feeling the dry cough I had is a symptom of illness and is not because of the asthma so I requested for a chest x-ray to find out if something is wrong with my lungs. And I was right because I have an infection called interstitial pneumonia.

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Taking It Easy

Geezz.. I started folding the clothes before chatting to my lalabs but because I am multi-tasking until now I am not yet done though I am half way done. And yes, since I am on the process of gaining back my strength after the asthma attack I make it a point to take it easy in everything I do.

I am glad that regardless of the absence I still have few online tasks that need to be done which is good as Christmas time is fast approaching and I want to buy something for myself from my blogging money. I am keeping my fingers cross that I will have enough cash on my paypal account before Christmas.. wishing.. wishing…

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Browser Problem

Grrr… I am having problem using any browser. The Monzilla browser is not loading and same goes to internet explorer although I can open the browser but need to close after few minutes. It’s really annoying when I want to do something online but I cannot do anything. Hopefully Mr. Google would not take the pagerank I have for this blog and my other blog for not blog hopping and updating my blogs for few days.
I will try to uninstall the monzilla browser later today and try to install it again. Hopefully it will work.

A Slight Update

Arghhh… sorry guys I missed updating my blogs for the past few days. I had an asthma attack few days ago and needed to take nebulizer to help my breathing. I also requested the physician for a chest x-ray for I am having cough for more than a week now and the x-ray shows that I am having lung infection called interstitial pneumonia.

My doctor also prescribes new medicine for me to lie down without doing any sounds and so far it is working to me. I just hope that my cough will get rid of me so I can go back to normal. Anyway, to all my visitors and readers apologize if I cannot return the favor yet as I am on the process of gaining back my strength. I do surely visit you back when everything is back to normal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...dry cough go away

Last night I was coughing when I was in bed I even thought that I am going to have an asthma attack but gladly I didn’t. But when I woke my throat is hurting and I blame it to dry cough. As of this time I really wanted to go out with my son but then I am broke now since I brought the desktop to repair shop few days ago.

And since I cannot go out I opt to surf the net and I came across this website that help those who are having difficulties in their social security disabilitym benefits. So just in case you are one of them you can visit for more information

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am not in my best mood for the past few days. It is not because I and my boyfriend had a fight. The first reason why I make this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings but as much as I want to share everything in my everyday life in any of my blogs but I am having second thought whether to share it to the World Wide Web and let everybody read my sentiments or leave it as it is.

I though know that I would feel better if I am going to share it but then I also know it is not proper for me to do it. I know I am not perfect as well as my life is not perfect. I do have problems with my relationship and my family but often times I felt that I had enough and want to run away and live the life without worrying if I’ve been a good daughter or sister.

Life can be unjust sometimes but nevertheless there are times that we don’t have any other option but to get along with it. I only hope that everything with will be fine, for now all I can do is wish for the better.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Updating From Internet Cafe

As what my post title say I am currently in an internet cafe. My desktop wont allow me to surf the net. Annoying isn't it? For few months now I've been dealing same desktop problem but lately it is getting worse and although my desktop is giving me an headache I do not have any plan on buying a new one. So I don't need to worry on where I can find affordadble desktop computers online. Just in case you're in a look out for a new dessktop head over to

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to bring the desktop to repair shop and I do hope everything will get back to normal after the repair. I am keeping my fingers cross.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Desktop Problem

Lately my desktop is such a pain in the ass. I've been seeing a message that my disk is low space which is strange because I only upgraded the memory of desktop few months ago and I have the same programs and files installed in my desktop when I was still using the old memory.

I am currently having problem using monzilla, internet explorer opera browser and skype. I do hope everything will get back after I bring the desktop to repair shop on Monday. And to all my visitors thank you for visiting my blog. I promise to return the visit as soon as my desktop is fix. Happy weekend to all of you..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friends Meet Up

I am going to meet my college friends later today, were not complete but it always nice when we have time to update our self. We do keep in touch through sms but yours truly is a lazy text-er so I don't always reply their sms.

Anyway, we agreed to watch horror movie this time and hopefully the weather will be good to us. It's a gloomy Wednesday in my place and I blame it to another typhoon coming. Argh.. I pity to those who always hit by typhoons, I pray that this typhoon would spare my country and move to another direction.

Back to my friends, I do miss our bonding moment when were still in college. We always have drinking season every time we finish taking our exams. Our group is also the favorite group of the SAO group, I remember when we were packing pack lunches for the students. The concern of our teachers and office employee, the bonding time with our janitress (who passed away few years ago). The visit to our friend who live near the beach.

Time really flies and how I wish one day we could bond together and reminisce the past. opps.. i am getting nostalgic in here..

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bear With Me

Please bear with me as I am installing my xmas layout as of this moment. Gladly I manage to fix my Mozilla browser few hours ago. I have been using opera and internet explorer for a week now.


So what do you think of my holiday theme? I finally installed the holiday layout.. I am not yet done tweaking the layout but I am nearly done. For now allow me to watch my favorite show..

Morning Rambling

I haven't install the holiday layout which I made for this blog few days ago. I've been lazy lately and knowing that the pagerank of this blog was affected by google update made me more lazy lol. Anyway I was surprised when I check the page rank of this blog from PR2 down to PR1. At least I still have a reason to be happy because the mighty google didn't not give this blog a zero pagerank.

Anyway, I do hope I will find time to install the holiday layout for this blog later today and I hope I can make another layout for my other blog and a freebie layout to those who want to a holiday blog makeover.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking A Break

Hello guys! How is your holiday doing so far? As for me I opted to clean the house. I decided to put the bed in the room to my room as I need to put the old furniture in the other room. I am want to have a larger space in the living room since I am putting up the Christmas tree real soon. Excited eh..

Anyways, I am not yet done cleaning I just had my lunch so I am taking a break sitting down in front of my desktop. I also manage to visit back some blogs in my cbox. I do hope still have more time later today.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Treat

You Are a Treat

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday Layout

Woott.. I am doing making the holiday layout for this blog. Gladly my desktop is good enough to let me save my work before freezing. I am going to install the layout on the first day of November which is few days from now. You can check the screen shot of the layout in my Design and ScrapLO blog and please do leave some love.

I am also planning to make freebie holiday layout, so I hope the artistic in me will cooperate and of course my desktop.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hang Ups

Argh.. my beloved desktop of acting up again. I've been blogging for an hour now but I hanged for almost 10 ten times now. Isn't annoying? The other day my lalabs told me to bring my desktop to repair shop again but I dont think it's a good idea since I did it already for many times but to no avail. I am just wasting my money and time.

Big Savings

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I just had my bath few minutes ago and boy the water is really cold. I am not used of taking a bath early in the morning except when it is summer. But since I am going out early today I need to take a bath.

My lalabs didn't come online as we agreed to chat at 5 am. Maybe he fall asleep while watching television and forgot to set his phone reminder. So to my lalabs I know I wont be online when you come online before going to bed I will just see you at 5 pm. Always remember that no matter how stupid and stubborn I am I will always love you. Nothing can stop or change that.

Reburnised Laptop

As you all know I have been having problem with my desktop and since I've been bringing my desktop to repair shop for many times now but the problem will go back after few days. If money is not an issue I would considered buying a new laptop but unfortunately I can't even afford to buy refurbished laptop lol.

The website offers laptop computers of different brands such as Sony laptops, Toshiba and Apple notebook.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last Saturday it was the 6th foundation of my son's school, the reason why I was off from blogging. As you what I've said in my previous post that my son was one of the candidate for Mr & Ms SNTLSBEI 2009. Unfortunately my son bagged the last place for he only got a little amount of money.

I was disappointed because my son did not make it but I was disappointed because I do not have a good photo of him at the stage. I do not know what is wrong to the camera but I always got blurry photos of him. I guess it has something to do with the lights, I only hope that I can download some photos of him from their school files. Anyway, the school owner is a relative and I told my cousin to take some photos of my son.

I hope I can post some photo real soon.

Blogging For A While

I will be chatting to my lalabs soon and while waiting for him to be online I might use my time blogging. And while blogging I restarted my desktop four times now and I hope I will be be freezing while chatting to lalabs.

Since I am done doing all my pending task I have time to blog later. It's been a while since the last time I do the usual blog hopping and I missing it. Moreover that I've read in one of the blog I visited that Mr. Google is updating their system once again and I don't want to lost the PR I have for this blog and my other blog.

Be Fashionable Like Michelle Obama

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I Am Very Affectionate

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Be Back Soon

I was chatting to my lalabs a while ago that is why I haven't had my breakfast yet and I am starving now. And since I immediately open my desktop when I woke I haven't fix my bed yet and I still need to run few household chores. So I will not be back after few hours. Hopefully my desktop will allow me to blog hop as i missed blog hopping for few days.

Monday, October 26, 2009

RV Breakdown

I missed blogging for the past few days, I’ve still have few pending task that need to be done soon. As for now I can afford to let any task slip on my hands.
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Updating Finally

I haven't updating my blogs and returning the visit for the past few days. I've been too busy lately that I do not have enough time to blog or chat to my lalabs. I am glad that my time is back to normal now. I do hope I can redo the layout for Phoebe before this week end.

So those who visited my blogs for the past few days expect me in your doorstep anytime soon.

Best Eye Cream

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RV Towing Service

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yet Another Busy Day

yes, it's another busy day for me today. I am just done chatting to my lalabs and after publishing this post I am going to take my bath. I promised my son to be in his school before snack time for I did not give him money for his snack. Since my desktop keep on hanging I was not able to blog hop while waiting for my lalabs to get online.

Hopefully, I will have time later today when I get home from school. So, to all my visitors for this blog and my other blogs a big thanks for visiting.. I promise to return the visit when I have time.

Jade Bracelet, Love It

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gezz.. it's just 7 am in the morning and yet it getting hot in my my room. I haven't using the aircon for more than a week now to minimize my electric bill as it goes up big time last month. At this time I could not simply afford paying high bills as I have some extra expenses for the past weeks and I am saving my blogging money for the furniture.

On the lighter note, I am glad that I had a task from one of the paying site i joined few years ago. I was really surprised when I saw one offer after neglecting me for more than a year. Hopefully, I will get another offer from them very soon.

Best Buy Of Business Greeting Cards

Tough to believe it, but the wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Before we know it people will be putting Christmas decorations, Christmas songs is played over the radio and malls, Christmas shopping and Christmas wish list lol. It is also the time of sending Christmas cards.

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Again And Again And Again

Wondering what's up on my title post? Well, it because my desktop is freezing again and again. I cannot do anything but to restart my desktop again and again as well. Sometimes I need to restart the desktop twice before I can finally log in to my blogger dashboard and I even hate it when it suddenly freeze when I am in the middle of doing something, like making a review.

Just finished chatting to lalabs few minutes ago and thankfully we were lucky enough to use our cams although I freeze 4 times while we're chatting.

On the other hand,I really want to return the visit to all the bloggers who visited me in this blog but then my eyes is nearly close and I don't think I can stay longer in front of the desktop. That is why I am going to sleep soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free 2010 Horoscope

Time flies really fast and before we know it we will be celebrating a new year. And talking about New Year, if you are a horoscope believer I am sure you are searching on where to find free horoscope for 2010. While searching the net I happen to came across this website which offer free horoscope of 2010.

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I am not a horoscope fanatic but I make it sure to check my horoscope when new year starts.

Off For A While

I am going to the school of my son to remit the raffle tickets for the school foundation this Saturday. Each pupil was given 3 booklets of raffle tickets I do hope I will win the digicam. Keeping my fingers cross..

I hope I will be able to return the visit of my visitors when I come back from the school. I also hope that the gray opps in my dashboard will turn white.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Venetian Blinds

If you’re in the mood for a home makeover or just considering changing the look of your room, something as simple as changing the venetian blinds of your window can add so much to your home without spending too much money.

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I personally loved the way the wooded venetian blinds looks. I am pretty sure it will look good in my room.

Reason To Be Thankful

It's a year that my other blog, Celebrate Life was not receiving any review from Review Me. Few days ago I opt to make changes in my profile and a day after I received an e-mail letting me know that I have a task waiting in my dashboard but unfortunately I didn't see any task in may dashboard so I log out the site immediately. The following day I was amazed when I saw one offer waiting for in my dashboard so I hurriedly click the accept button before I lost it again lol.

I am already done with the task and hopefully review me will going to pou some task for me.

Physiotherapy Assistant

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A Rainy Tuesday

Hello guys, how is your Tuesday so far? Hope all is well with you and your love ones. as for me, I did not do anything much today as it has been raining like cats and rats for few hours now. I guess this is because of the typhoon Ramil (international name Lupit) I do hope and pray that this typhoon will leave the country soon.

As you all the some part of the Philippines was badly damaged of the previous typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.

On Loan Modification Leads

I wonder if anyone here is in need of loan modification leads.

Off To Bed

Good night guys, it's time for me to go back to bed. I was chatting to lalabs few minutes ago but unfortunately my desktop won't allow us to used our cam's. I always freeze every time we attempt to use the cam.

Annoying that is, but at least we will able to chat although I kept on restarting my desktop.

Hopefully, tomorrow morning we can use our cam. I am keeping my fingers cross.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Business Cards

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A Surprise Visit

I and my friends is going to meet tomorrow that is why I was surprise when i received an sms earlier today that they are coming. It's seems a decade since the last time we bond, no wonder we talked lot of stuff when they came. But then, they also need to go home after an hour because it's getting late in the afternoon and they still need to buy something in the market.

We haven't had a plan if the bonding will push through tomorrow. I will just wait for their sms.

Innovative Transportation Technology

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of bikers roaming around the street and every time I see them I always wish I can be one of them. But then again, I know for the fact that it’s not going to happen. One great reason is I don’t know how to ride a bike and second I don’t own a bike. Been wanting to try driving a bike but I am afraid of getting hurt and if I am always like this I am sure I will never have a chance to enjoy roaming around with a bike.

However, I am not losing hope. Who knows one day I will purchase an Electric Bike so that I will be force to drive it until I learn lol. Moss especially that I came across this website which offer huge Electric Bikes For Sale. This online store is the exclusive authorized online dealer of the green cruiser electric bike. And they are also proud to offer the most recent, fuel efficient, innovative transportation technology in electric bicycles available in the market today.

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My Disclosure Policy

This blog is a collaborative blog written by a group of individuals. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Seriously Ill

Hello guys, How was your weekend? I hope you had a blast weekend with your family and friend. As for me I did not do anything fancy but I attended an event for the guinness book of record I will blog about it later and I do hope I can find pictures online later today.

Anyways, are you wondering in my post title? Few months ago I blog about a friend who is sick. He is having painful waist and his legs are getting smaller. I really thought he was getting better since I was able to walked and stand again after a series of therapy but I was wrong because he is at the hospital this time. I haven't heard any findings of his illness but I do hope and pray for his fast recovery. He is a good friend since kid and I feel bad for his situation now. I hope I can drop by in the hospital where he is.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vet Receptionist

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Time Consume

While waiting for my lalabs to get online I had a time to visit some blog for this blog. I was not able to blog hop last night because my pc is acting up again which I am getting used to it. Just like yesterday, Mr. Sunshine is not showing up and it because of another typhoon (international name Lupit) local name Ramil.

I've have read somewhere that the mighty Mr. Google is updating their system again. I am keeping my fingers cross that this website will gain a higher PR and my other blog will gain back the lost PR.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Weekend

MySpace Happy Saturday Comments
Yay, finally after a busy week I could enjoy and rest over the weekend. hehehe.. Mr. Sunshine is not showing up for 2 days now and it because of another typhoon named Ramil (LUpit) that will going to hit central Luzon on Tuesday (god forbid) the place is also affected by typhoon Pepeng and some of them are still staying in evacuation area and some are living in the rooftop.

Anyway, I do hope and pray that this typhoon will move to different direction.

Friday, October 16, 2009


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Where Should I Go On My Honeymoon

Hmmmm.. where should I really be on my honeymoon? Well I honestly don't know that is why I opt to take this quiz for fun.

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Blogging As A Subtitute

The son and I was about to leave the house when teacher Candice (his teacher) called up to let us know that their practice is move to Monday. And since it's still almost an hour before my lalabs go online I decided to blog while waiting for him to get online.

I am grateful that I manage to reserve 4 task in one of paying site that pays me to blog. So for today I will already earn $30. In fact that is a big blessing for me coz there are times that I not earn any penny lol.. So bawi-bawi lang.. hehehe..

Medical Secretary Jobs

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Good Night!!

Okay, I’ve been thinking of a good post before going to bed but then I can’t think of a good topic (again) so I will posting another non-sense post for this blog lol. Nevertheless, I am glad that I manage to visit some blog from this blog and to my other blog. Hopefully, some of them will return the favor, keeping my finger cross for that.

So, I am going to end this post by saying good night or shall I say a good morning lol

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Personalized Address Label

The wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and in fact as early of today I sometimes heard Christmas songs played at the mall and radio stations. And it’s also the times of the year where we send ample of Christmas greetings send to our families and friends. And often times we don't have enough time writing the names and addresses.

Luckily, we can lessen the boredom by using personal address labels which is available at On top of this they also offer stationeries, address stamps, personalized pencils and a lot more. So what are you waiting for? Take your time and browse around and see the vast variety of products that they offer including thousands of designs in every product.

Thoughts Of Making Another Blog

Okay, right now I am maintaining 5 blogs 2 of them has its own domain but hosted by blogspot. As you all know I’ve been dreaming to have a wordpress blog but then there are few reason is to why I haven’t own a wordpress blog yet.

While doing my blog hopping I’ve stumble upon some blogs written by proud mamas like me. The keenness to have a wordpress blog is back but this time I am thinking of making a blog for my son. Isn’t it a nice idea journaling your child’s milestone as he/she grow up? I’ve a lot of story to share about my son.

However, I don’t like reading online tutorials so advice from wordpress bloggers is really appreciated

Farewell To Cavities

When I was a kid I used to eat lot of sweet without brushing my teeth properly. There are times that I missed brushing after my meals. And even if my mother kept on telling me to brush my teeth I don’t listened to her. As a result I have slight cavities now and I am really disappointed with it. That is why I am keeping an eye on my son’s dental habit for I don’t want him to have dental problem like me especially that dental care nowadays is very costly.

Anyways, are you one of those who is not comfortable to smile? Do you cover your mouth when you talk or laugh because you don't like the way your teeth look? Then I can be of help, I happened to came across this website with over 23 years experience matching patients with great Dentist. What makes this site unique to other dental care website is that they also advertise proper and regular dental care and have an up-to-date consumer dentistry information, practical dental tips and even fun dental games! Isn’t’ it cool?

So guys, why hide your busted teeth when you can have pearly white teeth with the help of reliable dentist from

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

Usually my routine at night is to take a short nap before I go online but for few months now I am having difficulty sleeping early at night. Perhaps it’s my son’s fault because he usually calls me every time he will come into our room and he will not stop calling me until I answer him. And I figured out that I cannot take a nap while my son is awake so I opt to watch television and I am getting hooked watching few shows.

Rian Ramos
One of the shows I am watching is stairway to heaven, I am not really a fanatic of GMA but then I love the show so I am changing channel from ABS-CBN to GMA and vice versa lol. Stairway toHeaven Filipino version invaded Philippine television primetime last September. Hollywood ET’s3rd on the list of the 25 Most Sexiest Man of the World, Dingdong Dantes will reprise Kwon SangWoo’s character while Rhian Ramos will play Choi Ji Woo’s character. TJ Trinidad will be the stepbrother and Glaiza de Castro will play the mean stepsister.

Dingdong Dantes
On my next post I will be talking about my favorite show in ABS-CBN.

Searching For Admin Job?

From the time when the economy collapse in some part of the globe finding the right job for us has become a problem. But as the saying goes “in every problem there’s always a solution”. I recently came across this website that will help to those who want to find admin jobs. All you have to do is login in to and search for your dream job near your location or area. You can also post your resent resume for FREE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keeping My Finger Cross

Lalabs and I agreed to chat at 7.30 I am hoping that my pc will not mess around then. If you are a regular visitors in my blogs you will noticed that I’ve been complaining about my desktop hang-ups for quite sometimes now. And because of this I seldom online and blogging at night as my desktop will suddenly freeze.

However, the desktop hang-ups won’t stop me from trying to catch up my lalabs and blogging though there are times that I am give up restarting my pc and opt to have a good night sleep lol.. Nice decision isn’t it? Hehehe.. If money is not a problem in my side I would like to buy a laptop but then again I know it is not practical as of this moment as I have a lot of priorities in line that buying a laptop.

On the other hand, while I am typing this post my son is having a practice for his talent for their upcoming search for Mr. & Ms SNTLSBEI, as one of the highlight for the school foundation and family day. I am not really expecting that my son would win this time as there are older and mature kids than him. Well, I just want him to overcome stage fright but I am hoping he will do well like he did during the search for Mr & Ms A1 Child.

I Want To Play Ping Pong

Honestly, I don’t play any kind of sports but it does not mean I don’t like to watch any kind of sports. Well, it’s the other way around because if I don’t play any sports I love to watch it live. I always enjoy every game I watch.

Anyhow, if I am given a chance to play any kind of sports I would like to try ping pong. I could not stop myself admiring those ping pong table which I found at The Premiere Game Tables also offer pool tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables, billiard tables, darts and a lot more. Shoppers don’t need to worry on the items they purchase as web site provides a satisfaction guarantee on all of your purchase.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blow Up Soon

It seems that the annoying pimple in my lower lip is going to blow up anytime soon. I sometimes feel awful pain, it seems that something is eating my skin lol. I opt to take an antibiotic for I can bear the pain and it minimize me from talking and opening my mouth. In fact I am having difficulty eating.

Local Job Opening, Search It!

Since the downfall of economy finding and searching the right job can be difficult and tiring. However, if you know how to use the internet I am pretty sure you could find the job that you are dreaming of. Like for example, if you are a graduate of any medical courses you can now search for a local employment job opening in your own local areas you can visit

All you’ve to do is upload your recent resume and you can start browsing job openings in your city.

An Award

I received this award from Kaye of Random WHAM Thoughts, thanks is for remembering me. That's nice of you. Anyway, I would like to pass this award to Irene of Crucial Bliss, Young Momma, Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods, and Shy of Chitchat About Entertainment

5 Thins I Love
* I love my making face on cam while chatting to my lalabs
* I love drinking coffee with cream while on PC
* I love to pamper my son, niece and nephew
* I love to read
* I love to be taken by my lalabs.. sweet..

Home Theater Seating

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Taking A Break

I am taking a break in doing house chores, my sweat is all around my face, back and chest. I am not yet done cleaning the floor at the living but when I am done I can continue blog hopping. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the bloggers who visited me back from the bottom of my heart. I will be in your door step anytime soon.

Anyways, I am always in the mood doing house chores when there is background music. Want to know what I am listening right now? Well I search Christmas album in imeem , I know it’s really early but I am a kid heart when it comes to Christmas songs lol..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get Rid Of Unpleasant Nails

I seldom visit a salon to get my nails done; the reason is I can do it myself. Yes, I know how to beautify my finger nails and toe nails. Luckily, we had a cosmetology subject way back in high school. And talking about nails, do you know someone that has this unpleasant nails? Having unsightly nails can be annoying especially if you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to apply nail polish.

Anyways, this kind of nail illness can be actually cured by zeta clear. Zeta clear is an excellent medicine to cure the fungal infection in your nails. It is manufactured from the natural products and it consists of antiseptic and antifungal products of the plants. Should you want to know more about zeta clear? Go and visit the website.

Blog Hopping!!!

Finally, after a long absence I able to visit some blogs. I've been blog hopping from one blog to another blog and I hope they will visit me back. My eyes is getting tired so I will take a break now and be back later, I hope I can lol.

By the way, while I am off to blogging I am going to give a quick review to my son. His English reading and writing is scheduled tomorrow. Hopefully, he will do good again this time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Front Desk Job

Nowadays, there are many ways to find your dream job. One of these ways is through the Internet, through the web; we can search job openings and upload our resume for free. Like for example, if you are searching for front desk employment you can visit So, what are you waiting for? Stop by at and browse front desk jobs in your city or in your state.

Annoying Pimple

Geezz.. the pimple near my lower lip is really annoying. It hurting me and makes me uncomfortable. I am not prone to pimple or acne but every time I seldom have it and it never failed to annoy me.

Hopefully this pimple will leave in peace soon..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Medical Clerk Employment

Few years back I never thought that shopping online is possible but I was wrong as there are lot of people who choice to shop from the comfort of their homes. For curiosities sake I tried to shop online and I am amaze when I received the items. Few ago while surfing the net I am surprised when I read about finding a job online.
Yes, folks you read it right you can now search your dream job online. So, folks if you are in search of medical clerk employment you can visit

Blabbing Me

Argh... I really don't know what I am doing to write in here. I've been staring at the monitor for quite long now hoping I could think of a nice topic but unfortunately my mind is wandering around (again). It often happen for the past few days and its annoying because I could not think good.

Home Insurance

One of my dream is to own a house when I get married. I know that buying or building a house is not an easy task there are lots of decisions to consider. Since I am not sure when I am going to have my own family I still have ample of time to plan for my dream house.

But for those who wants and planning to buy a house I urge you to get home insurance as it is the best way to safeguard your house and belongings. There may be many home insurance providers that can offer many benefits to a customer. But the one which stands on top of all would be This is because they offer the best home insurance quotes that anybody can have.

Apart from it their customer service is also very excellent. So, folks if you are planning to get an online insurance quote get help from

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Asthma Attack!!

Geezzz.. for few months I never had an asthma attack but last night I notice that I am coughing and felt the symptoms of having asthma. And problem is I do not have any medicine thanks goodness I am well now. I do hope I and lalabs will have a longer chat later tonight since our chat was shorter coz I am not feeling well.

On the other hand, I would like to thank you all my visitors who kept on coming back. My apologize folks, yours truly is a bit busy but I'll promise to visit you back later today when I'm done running some offline errands.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Medical Office Jobs

Are tired and bored with your recent work? Or are you feed up working with hundreds of other medical professionals in a hospital? If so, then a medical office jobs may be for you. Go and visit to find hundreds of medical office jobs in your area. Uploading your resume is 100% FREE.

Too Tired

that it.. I did our laundry today and because the last time I did the laundry was last week I had a mountain of dirty clothes waiting for me. I am glad that my younger brother help me in rinsing the clothes coz if not I am sure I am not yet done.

Thanks bro for the help!! I really appreciate it!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Problem

I have a curly hair though it is not really curly but I can’t let it down without it messing after few minutes. That is why I have it rebounded for few times now, but because of the medicine used my hair is not as healthy as it was. With this I am thinking of using hair vitamins that would give the old glow of my hair.

Typhoons Aftermath A Brief Post

Typhoon Ondoy just leaved the country and leaving hundreds of homeless families, more than 200 killed, millions of damages properties. Victims are not even done cleaning their respective homes and yet another typhoon hit the country named Pepeng (Parma) and killed 17 people in northeastern Philippines.
I am glad that Mr Sunshine show up today.. and I hope no more typhoon would come..

Office Clerk Jobs

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Good So Far

I brought the PC to repair last week, I haven't experience hanging or freezing. Hopefully it's for good coz bringing my PC to repair is not really enjoyable I need to travel almost half an hour before I reach the repair shop. Thanks that I have a cousin who is ready to help me carry the CPU every time I need to bring it to repair.

Anyways, as you notice I haven't been blogging over the weekend though my desktop is working good. The reason, I am too lazy lol..

Friday, October 2, 2009

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Off to Go

Hey guys, I am going to downtown today and bring my desktop to repair shop. Hopefully, the motherboard is not too expensive thanks for my good friend Ma'am Body she is always ready to help me all the time, without her I can't bring my pc for repair since lalabs was not able to send the money this morning.

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Getting Pissed

Got some review to do but my desktop is simply crazy that I doesn't allow me login to my blogger account and paying sites were I am a member. I sometimes run out of patience that I choice to sleep or read novel. Hopefully, my desktop will be okay after I bring it to repair shop. Keeping my fingers cross, anyway this is all I can do wish lol.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nice Teeth Means Nice Smile

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Suppose to be I am on my way to downtown to do my work but I had a long chat with my lalabs and I need to do the task that I grabbed few hours ago. And since I am not sure if can blog later today when I get home I will grasp this chance to do the task.

At this time, I can't let any task pass over my hand as I need some extra molah. So although my desktop if unpredictable I would still pray for some task. Greedy me lol..

Christmas List

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way….. Does the song ring a bell? For sure! It’s the last day for the month of September. Times really fast, in 2 months and 25 everybody will be celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Talking about Christmas, I need to make a list for my Christmas shopping. I haven’t decided on what to buy for my godchildren but I am sure that I am going to shop some toys. My son is already telling me what he wants for Christmas though I haven’t answered him yet. I want to surprise him if in case I buy want he wants for a gift this Christmas.

No Blogging and Chatting

(again) last night, it's too annoying. For me to be able to use the my desktop I opt to start pushing the open at 7.30pm, immediately after I arrive home from the church. I was hoping that I will be able to chat to my lalabs since we've been having misunderstanding for few days now. I hate it when we are not good, and it always happen every time we have problem in our way of communication.

I do hope we could chat this morning or before lalabs go to bed. I already tried to call him if he could come online now but I can not get through. I will try again after few minutes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

North Carolina Chat

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Brr.. it's very obvious I am really sleepy my eyes is almost close and I keep on yawning. I am going to the church later this afternoon and I don't want to be sleepy so I am going to bed now before I run out of time.

Hopefully my desktop will be nice then and allow me to blog and chat to my lalabs.

Area Rugs

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Dansko Sandals

Grrrr… I am totally annoyed last night I was browsing the website I recently found searching for an affordable Dansko sandalsthat will look sexy on my feet when my desktop suddenly freeze. And I couldn’t use the pc any more although I am restarting it over and over for more than an hour.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ranting Me?

Hello guys, how was your weekend? Did you had a good weekend with your love ones and friends? As for me I had a terrible weekend, I did the laundry yesterday and it makes my back ache. On top of this my mother is sick since Friday and I am glad that she is getting better now, she was suppose to attend a wedding last Saturday but because she is not feeling she opt to stay at home. And yesterday, I am one of the godmother to my cousin's son because my mother is not well I decided not to attend the baptism and let my cousin know the reason is why I can't attend the baptism.

As you all know I am also having pc hang-up which is annoying especially if I am going to do my online stuff but I can't even log in to my blogger dashboard or to any website that pays me to blog because my pc will suddenly freeze.

So please bear with me guys if I missed visiting you back but I promise I will when I am done doing all my pending tasks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Slight Headache

Grrr.. I still have some pending task that need to be done but my head is not cooperating. Wonder why? It's because I am having a slight headache, the pain is tolerable but I don't think is if wise to stay long in front of the pc. So I guess I don't have any choice but to park my fingers and keyboard, that is after I am done with my task in one of the paying site that provide extra molahh for me lol.

Have Fun In Orlando

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My 80's Name

Since I couldn't think of a good topic right now, I opt to lurk around the blogthings website and while browsing the site I decided to find something that is interested. And I find this quiz about my name in 80's so I hurriedly type my name and here is what I got

Your 80s Name Is Christine Melissa

Totally radical, dude!

Isn't it a nice name? I would not mind using this name.. How about you? What is your 80's name?

Muti-tasking Me

Muti-tasking that is, I am doing the laundry while blogging. For many hours yesterday I don’t have internet connection that is why I was not able to blog and finish my pending task online. Now, I need to double my time for me to finish my all my pending task before it expires.

Hay.. life of pro blogger can be difficult at times especially if you have other task to do like household chores.

On Best Weight Loss Pill

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

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If money is not an issue I would surely love to take my family to a family vacation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Chance To Blog

As much as I want to go take my sleep after chatting to my lalabs few minutes ago. But since my desktop is being good to me I might as well take this opportunity to do some task while my desktop is not freezing yet. Luckily, I don’t need to restart the desktop many times when it’s my time to go online. Lalabs told me to take a rest after the incident this morning on my way to downtown. I haven’t post the detail yet as I am not yet ready to talk about it, but reassure I am going to share it to you guys soon.
For the mean time, allow me guys to do my online task before my desktop go crazy lol…

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No Cams

As you know, I am having trouble using my desktop for few days now. Staying online for the past few days is difficult. And this morning I also notice that my desktop won't allow me to use my cam when I am chatting to my lalabs. It suddenly freeze when I try to connect my cam. It is really annoying....

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost Pissed!!!

Brrrr… my desktop is trying my temper since last night. It always freezes after few second of hitting the open button. I tried it more than one hour bit to no avail so I opt to sleep and tried it again when I woke up around 11 pm but again it would hanged and I need to push the restart button. But unfortunately, I was not lucky so no blogging last night. Good thing that my lalabs was off as he needs to attend an important matter.

And this morning, it takes me almost two hours before my desktop allowed me to sign in to skype and I am glad that lalabs was online. So after we chat I grab the opportunity to blog and return the visit to those bloggers who visited me.

Hopefully, all will be well with my desktop later today though I know it’s impossible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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My son and nephew is my room right now, they are making some noise that messing up my concentration. I told my son many times to go out and just play his cousin in the living. But unfortunately, they more want to play here in the room and disturb me. I guess, I don't have any option but to get along with the noises. Hopefully, I can finish my task.

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that is.. I noticed that I always luck of sleep during the night. Well, for more than a month now I seldom take a nap before chatting to my lalabs. And since we usually stopped chatting at around 12.00-12.30 am and I could not sleep immediately after laying in bed.

For many months, I always take a nap before chatting to my lalabs but since I don't want to skip watching the show I am following right now, taking a nap before chat is impossible this time.

On the lighter note, I am still happy that I can take a nap every time I want. Like today, I am going to take a nap after I am done doing online errands.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Blog Hopping

I’ve been blog hopping since yesterday for this blog and my other blog, I am trying my best to gain back the PR I’ve lost for more than a month now. Hopefully, Mr. Google will return back the PR for that blog. Anyway, a friend from college will be coming over anytime soon. So I will just continue the blog hopping later today and to my visitors thank you for always visiting my blog I will be in your doorstep soon..

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Blogging Instead

I was chatting to my lalabs a while ago but because he has fever we decided to stop at 11 pm. I should be sleeping right now but before I finally hit the turn off button of my pc it become a hobby to check if I have available task to do. I was surprised when I saw some task that are waiting for me and I can not afford to lost them.

Chasing task has been a difficult for me since I lost the PR for my other 2 blogs. That is why every time there's an available task for me I always try my best to submit my post before I lost it.

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