Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Manny Pacquiao

Pardon me guys for not posting informative post for quite sometimes now. I really wanted to do a post of Manny Pacquiao after winning the battle to Miguel Cotto.
Then there is a rumors spreading all over the showbiz world about his so-called relation to sexy star Krista Rannillo. I’ve heard many reports about Pacman and Ranillo but I am having a second thought whether to believe the rumors or not as they are currently shooting a new movie which will be shown next month. I remember when Ara Mina and Pacman did a movie there are also rumored that the two are having a relationship so I guess this rumors is just a publicity for this movie.

On the other hand I would like to congratulate Pacman for winning his 7th title in the boxing world. The first boxer to have a 7 title in boxing, amazing isn’t it? So no wonder Floyd Mayweather, Sr kept on bragging that Pacman is taking steroids or any enhancement drugs when he faced Miguel Cotto. But then Pacman tested negative for steroid and other enhancements drugs after his victorious fight over Cotto.
On my next post I will be posting about the Maguindanao massacre. I know this post is kinda of late as well but then as the saying goes “Better Late than Never”.


Tetcha said...

Manny really makes us proud to be Pinoys. I hope the rumor about him and Krista is not true.

*josie* said...

I think some people are just making the rumor for publicity stunt, it's so sickening old trick they always use.

*josie* said...

BTW care for an x-link with my two sites?