Sunday, November 8, 2009

Updating From Internet Cafe

As what my post title say I am currently in an internet cafe. My desktop wont allow me to surf the net. Annoying isn't it? For few months now I've been dealing same desktop problem but lately it is getting worse and although my desktop is giving me an headache I do not have any plan on buying a new one. So I don't need to worry on where I can find affordadble desktop computers online. Just in case you're in a look out for a new dessktop head over to

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to bring the desktop to repair shop and I do hope everything will get back to normal after the repair. I am keeping my fingers cross.


NovaS said...

just find someone who can fix it na di ka ilaron rosey...

imelda said...

i hope it will be fixed na soon. lot, i have been absent in online too coz busy pirmi didi hit pag pintar