Sunday, August 31, 2008

Got my new layout

Yahoo..... finally i got my code layout for this blog. I've been waiting and excited to install the code but i do understand that Madam Carlota is a very busy person and I'm glad that she has the heart to help bloggers that doesn't know how to beautify their blog, like me.. lol...

Anyway this blog is now ready and open for x-links so if you want to be listed on my blog roll please let me know. I will also need to install some widgets so please bear with me. Hopefully everybody is having a great Sunday. As for me this a again another boring weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My final layout

Last night Madam Carlota sent the final layout for this blog. And i am really happy with what she did in the layout. How i wish i can make my own layout like she did, if i only have the right software hehehe.. now i a,m planning to buy for this software. I hope she can send the codes today but i know she is a very busy person so i understand if she can't send the code layout today. Take a peak with the final layout. Isn't cute?

Thanks Madam Carlota kudos....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

grr.. internet

connection getting slow, while typing this post i am waiting until the page is done loading. huh, but i guess i am used to have a fast internet connection for few months but last week decided to downgrade my internet connection to its original; price before i up grade it few months ago. So why i am complaining then? lol, i am just being silly i guess.

Anyway no reason to have a faster connection since catching opps is not like before. argh.. life of a blogger.

But there are reason to celebrate. I already got the domain for this blog. SINGLEMOMTHOUGHTS.COM, another blog of a single mom.. hopefully you will add this blog to your blog rule.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paid the domain

for this blog. Yahoo.... i can now open this blog to public. Finally after weeks of waiting. i've been looking for a g-cash near to me but to my dismay the only available is smart money. Thanks to Ma'am Imelda for helping me pay my domain. hehehe.. May you have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in Malaysia hehehe...

I will also have a new layout for this courtesy of Madam Carlota of Dashing Smile. Thank you...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

quicky update

yay, its been a while since i update this blog. actually i am just here and laziness is hitting my butt again. finally i can open this blog to the public now thanks to madam carlota for allowing me to join her contest.

blogging is kinda hard for me this few weeks i always missed lot of opps from triple p and my connection is annoying me. i always got this message 'THIS CONNECTION HAS LIMITED OF NO CONNECTIVITY' isn't annoying?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random rants

I missed some opps at triple p this week, it's frustrating since they are not that good to me for a month now. Well, it started when the pr of my domain blog slapped zero. That is why i want to grab any opps that will come out no matter how much it is and how many words i need to make. i am glad that i able to grab few opps from review me and loud launch. Pero minsan wala talaga akung income sa isang araw unlike before kumikita ako ng $20 sa isang araw at hindi na yun masama. hay... life of a pro blogger is sometimes difficult, we also have our ups and down in grabbing opps. **winks**

Last night my internet connection is making a mess again. I am always lost connecttion every now and then and worse is that i am chatting to lalabs that time. hmmm... good thing it was back to normal when we chatted again at 11 pm.

Anyway kasali naman ang isa kung blog Celebrate life sa pacontest ni Dashing Smile and i hope i will make it this week since i bagged the second place last week. pagnanalo i will ask Carlota if i can use the layout for this blog hehehe..below is the screen shot.

do you think i will win this time? huh.... sana naman...

Saturday, August 9, 2008


it seems that triple p is not giving any opps for me. i am a bit disappointed too because i lost the $50 payout. I've been checking my submitted post at triple p but the url of that post is not there. I really don't know what happen. i did send a ticket to customer love regarding this matter and their answer is i might not able to submit the task or it was rejected. but i am sure i submitted that post because i saw it on MY POST and its pending for approval and if its rejected i will also knew it as i will recieved an e-mail and i check my triple dashboard many times everyday. i only hope i will have a nice answer from ppp.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I want to win a customize layout

whhoott... yeheyyy.. my other blog is nominated to win a customized layout. Hopefully I will win in this contest coz I really need to have a new layout for this blog so i can not pay the domain. When i am done doing that i can now open this blog to public and link exchange then work for the traffic and finally submit to site for me to earn molah. hehehe.... My domain blog got a pr of zero now so i want this blog to have a pr when Mr Google update again after 2 months.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Grateful to triple P

After Mr. Google takes away the PR on my domain blog I reallyt thought that grabbing opps is not easy. And for few days I haven’t grabbed any for and I was very disappointed I even think of using my old free domain because it has a PR of 4 now. But then I know it is not possible so I just pray and waited until today. Finally triple P showers some opps for me and I even grab $50 payout from 200 words. Hopefully the advertiser will approve my post.

I know I don’t have any reason to complain how I lost my PR cos I know I am not the only one who is suffering of having a PR0. I well just enjoy blogging until I got my PR back again. Hopefully 2-3 months from now.