Sunday, August 31, 2008

Got my new layout

Yahoo..... finally i got my code layout for this blog. I've been waiting and excited to install the code but i do understand that Madam Carlota is a very busy person and I'm glad that she has the heart to help bloggers that doesn't know how to beautify their blog, like me.. lol...

Anyway this blog is now ready and open for x-links so if you want to be listed on my blog roll please let me know. I will also need to install some widgets so please bear with me. Hopefully everybody is having a great Sunday. As for me this a again another boring weekend.


Carlota said...

Thanks so much for understanding. And really glad that you are happy with you layout.

Have a great week ahead.

Midas said...

I think Carlota's amazing herself. She's got great taste and she helps me with my blogs too...and they are beautiful!

twinks said...

kudos to madam carlota!
she's an inspiration to me..a friend and a mentor.
basta gawa ni madam..its all beautiful..
congrats! :]

Gem said...

i like the clean blue layout of this blog!

galing ni ma'am! :-)