Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nice Teeth Means Nice Smile

Having pearly white teeth is a plus! That is why I feel sorry because I neglected my teeth when I was a kid. I must admit I usually brush my teeth every morning before going to school, a bad habit I know but I was lazy and not listen to my mother although she always remind me to brush my teeth. Now that I understand how great it is to have nice teeth I always make sure that my son and nephew brushed their teeth after eating.

Every now and then, I envy those individuals who have a nice teeth that I sometimes consider using teeth whitening products. But as all know there are lot of dental product available in the market today so choosing the right and effective dental product can be tough. Thanks goodness I came across this website that offer all kinds of dental products at reasonable prices. Some of the products include toothbrushes like oral b electric toothbrush, toothpaste, oral irrigators, mouth rinses and teeth whitening products.

I am pretty sure you could benefit when you visit the website I am talking about. So guys, if you are in the market for some cool teeth care products do visit any of the links above.


Suppose to be I am on my way to downtown to do my work but I had a long chat with my lalabs and I need to do the task that I grabbed few hours ago. And since I am not sure if can blog later today when I get home I will grasp this chance to do the task.

At this time, I can't let any task pass over my hand as I need some extra molah. So although my desktop if unpredictable I would still pray for some task. Greedy me lol..

Christmas List

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way….. Does the song ring a bell? For sure! It’s the last day for the month of September. Times really fast, in 2 months and 25 everybody will be celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Talking about Christmas, I need to make a list for my Christmas shopping. I haven’t decided on what to buy for my godchildren but I am sure that I am going to shop some toys. My son is already telling me what he wants for Christmas though I haven’t answered him yet. I want to surprise him if in case I buy want he wants for a gift this Christmas.

No Blogging and Chatting

(again) last night, it's too annoying. For me to be able to use the my desktop I opt to start pushing the open at 7.30pm, immediately after I arrive home from the church. I was hoping that I will be able to chat to my lalabs since we've been having misunderstanding for few days now. I hate it when we are not good, and it always happen every time we have problem in our way of communication.

I do hope we could chat this morning or before lalabs go to bed. I already tried to call him if he could come online now but I can not get through. I will try again after few minutes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

North Carolina Chat

Chatting nowadays is one of the stuff that youngsters like to do. Chatting online can be really exciting and fun. Moreover if the user can use the webcam and best of all it’s free to use.
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Brr.. it's very obvious I am really sleepy my eyes is almost close and I keep on yawning. I am going to the church later this afternoon and I don't want to be sleepy so I am going to bed now before I run out of time.

Hopefully my desktop will be nice then and allow me to blog and chat to my lalabs.

Area Rugs

I’ve been contemplating whether to use rugs to add exquisiteness in our almost bare living room. But since my niece sometimes pee in the floor I am afraid that she might pee on the rugs. But if anyone here is renovating and looking for an online store which offer a wide selection of rugs head over at You will also find massive choice of hand braided to hand knotted rugs including area rugs, throw rugs and runners.

You don’t need to fret because they selling top-quality cotton and wool. Contemporary, modern, traditional and transitional rugs in different styles and colors are also available.

Dansko Sandals

Grrrr… I am totally annoyed last night I was browsing the website I recently found searching for an affordable Dansko sandalsthat will look sexy on my feet when my desktop suddenly freeze. And I couldn’t use the pc any more although I am restarting it over and over for more than an hour.

Anyways, if you are planning to buy sandals or shoes head over at They offer wide range of sandals, shoes, clogs, slippers, boot dress and a lot more! So be quick visit the website now and avail of their free shipping in all of MBT products.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ranting Me?

Hello guys, how was your weekend? Did you had a good weekend with your love ones and friends? As for me I had a terrible weekend, I did the laundry yesterday and it makes my back ache. On top of this my mother is sick since Friday and I am glad that she is getting better now, she was suppose to attend a wedding last Saturday but because she is not feeling she opt to stay at home. And yesterday, I am one of the godmother to my cousin's son because my mother is not well I decided not to attend the baptism and let my cousin know the reason is why I can't attend the baptism.

As you all know I am also having pc hang-up which is annoying especially if I am going to do my online stuff but I can't even log in to my blogger dashboard or to any website that pays me to blog because my pc will suddenly freeze.

So please bear with me guys if I missed visiting you back but I promise I will when I am done doing all my pending tasks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Illinois Chat Rooms

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Slight Headache

Grrr.. I still have some pending task that need to be done but my head is not cooperating. Wonder why? It's because I am having a slight headache, the pain is tolerable but I don't think is if wise to stay long in front of the pc. So I guess I don't have any choice but to park my fingers and keyboard, that is after I am done with my task in one of the paying site that provide extra molahh for me lol.

Have Fun In Orlando

I never been to Orlando or Disney World but if I win a lottery I would like to visit the place with my family. I am sure it would be a great and memorable experience and for us.

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My 80's Name

Since I couldn't think of a good topic right now, I opt to lurk around the blogthings website and while browsing the site I decided to find something that is interested. And I find this quiz about my name in 80's so I hurriedly type my name and here is what I got

Your 80s Name Is Christine Melissa

Totally radical, dude!

Isn't it a nice name? I would not mind using this name.. How about you? What is your 80's name?

Muti-tasking Me

Muti-tasking that is, I am doing the laundry while blogging. For many hours yesterday I don’t have internet connection that is why I was not able to blog and finish my pending task online. Now, I need to double my time for me to finish my all my pending task before it expires.

Hay.. life of pro blogger can be difficult at times especially if you have other task to do like household chores.

On Best Weight Loss Pill

Losing weight is not an easy task you need to work hard to accomplish your goal. I was trying my very best to shed some weight as I’ve been gaining for more than three years now. Would believe that my weight before I give birth to my son was 46-47 kilos and I 5 months ago my weight was 65 kilos. Whoahh.. .that too much...

For once, I thought of taking diet pills as an option to shed those unwanted fats on my body. But luckily, after minimizing my rice intake I am losing weight little by little and I am pleased that I don’t need to search the best weight loss pill in the market. But if you are looking for information on weight loss, you can check out They have a list of the 10 best weight loss pills available in the market.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Travel Deals

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If money is not an issue I would surely love to take my family to a family vacation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Chance To Blog

As much as I want to go take my sleep after chatting to my lalabs few minutes ago. But since my desktop is being good to me I might as well take this opportunity to do some task while my desktop is not freezing yet. Luckily, I don’t need to restart the desktop many times when it’s my time to go online. Lalabs told me to take a rest after the incident this morning on my way to downtown. I haven’t post the detail yet as I am not yet ready to talk about it, but reassure I am going to share it to you guys soon.
For the mean time, allow me guys to do my online task before my desktop go crazy lol…

New Mexico Chat Rooms

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No Cams

As you know, I am having trouble using my desktop for few days now. Staying online for the past few days is difficult. And this morning I also notice that my desktop won't allow me to use my cam when I am chatting to my lalabs. It suddenly freeze when I try to connect my cam. It is really annoying....

Babies Safety While On Travel

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost Pissed!!!

Brrrr… my desktop is trying my temper since last night. It always freezes after few second of hitting the open button. I tried it more than one hour bit to no avail so I opt to sleep and tried it again when I woke up around 11 pm but again it would hanged and I need to push the restart button. But unfortunately, I was not lucky so no blogging last night. Good thing that my lalabs was off as he needs to attend an important matter.

And this morning, it takes me almost two hours before my desktop allowed me to sign in to skype and I am glad that lalabs was online. So after we chat I grab the opportunity to blog and return the visit to those bloggers who visited me.

Hopefully, all will be well with my desktop later today though I know it’s impossible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virginia Chat Lines

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My son and nephew is my room right now, they are making some noise that messing up my concentration. I told my son many times to go out and just play his cousin in the living. But unfortunately, they more want to play here in the room and disturb me. I guess, I don't have any option but to get along with the noises. Hopefully, I can finish my task.

Who Is Doug Kaplan

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that is.. I noticed that I always luck of sleep during the night. Well, for more than a month now I seldom take a nap before chatting to my lalabs. And since we usually stopped chatting at around 12.00-12.30 am and I could not sleep immediately after laying in bed.

For many months, I always take a nap before chatting to my lalabs but since I don't want to skip watching the show I am following right now, taking a nap before chat is impossible this time.

On the lighter note, I am still happy that I can take a nap every time I want. Like today, I am going to take a nap after I am done doing online errands.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Blog Hopping

I’ve been blog hopping since yesterday for this blog and my other blog, I am trying my best to gain back the PR I’ve lost for more than a month now. Hopefully, Mr. Google will return back the PR for that blog. Anyway, a friend from college will be coming over anytime soon. So I will just continue the blog hopping later today and to my visitors thank you for always visiting my blog I will be in your doorstep soon..

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Blogging Instead

I was chatting to my lalabs a while ago but because he has fever we decided to stop at 11 pm. I should be sleeping right now but before I finally hit the turn off button of my pc it become a hobby to check if I have available task to do. I was surprised when I saw some task that are waiting for me and I can not afford to lost them.

Chasing task has been a difficult for me since I lost the PR for my other 2 blogs. That is why every time there's an available task for me I always try my best to submit my post before I lost it.

Meet And Chat Nevada People

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Power Interruption

Geezz.. my plan to make the layout for a friend and blog hopping was canceled due to power interruption. I was thinking that I will get back the electricity in few minutes but it turned out not. Yes, guys we don’t have electricity for almost 9 hours. Isn’t it annoying, I can do my task online and my mother did not finish the laundry as well.

Hopefully, no power interruption tomorrow and in the following days I am keeping my fingers crosses.

Photo Holiday Cards For You

Times really flies, at exactly nine days the month of September is over and we are welcoming the month of October. Christmas is in the air I sometimes heard Christmas song over the radio and my son is bugging me to put up our Christmas tree.
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Alive and Kicking!!!

Wondering why I am still awake at this time? The reason, I sleep early today and aside from that I had a long nap yesterday that is why when I woke up to use the comfort room and got a message from my lalabs I had difficulty going back to sleep. I guess my eye had enough sleep sigh.. Only hope I am awake in time to chat to my lalabs this morning.
Since I cannot go back to sleep I opt to hit the button of my pc and lurk around the blogosphere. It’s been few days that I skipped blog hopping. I’ve been occupied with so many things (again) :(. On top of doing some stuff I am also having problem with my pc. I noticed that I’ve been dealing the same pc problem for the past few months.
Anyhow, I am still hoping that I can do my usual blog hopping in spite of this pc hang ups. I am trying to gain back my pr so I can earn more molah.. You know Christmas is fast approaching and I want to buy something for myself as Christmas present.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Panama Vacation

Holidays are the best time to escape from stressful work. It is also a nice time to bond with your family and friends. If you are planning a holiday vacation but haven’t decided yet on where to visit? Well, if you are a type of person who loves the beach then why not explore one of the beach in Panama City.

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Doing Great!!

As a mother, I always want my best to my sonand never expect to much in return. I want him to enjoy his childhood life and expecially in school. I never forced him to do anything that he don’t want to do. When I attended the second parent’s meeting I was surprised when I saw his name in ranked 3 and for that I treated him out. Last Thursday when I arrived at home my son had another surprise for me. He bagged the Best in Science in his class. Cool isn’t?

I do hope that he continue to excel in his class and for sure he will always be rewarded for that. Lol..

On Truck Accesories

Hello guys! What’s up? I hope you are having a nice weekend with your love ones. As for me, I didn’t go anywhere though I had a long nap which I always do during weekend.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off For a While

Geezz.. I will be off for a while guys, my butt is starting to complain lol. I've been blog hopping for more than two hours now and hopefully I will be paid off for this sacrifice.. sana lang.

But, for the mean time allow me to watch my favorite tv show while waiting for my lalabs call for a chat. To my visitors, I will be in your doorstep soon to return the visit.

Surprised Call

I got a call from my lalabs almost an hour ago. I called it a surprised call because my lalabs usually call me around 10 in the evening or after we chat. And what made my heart jumped is when he told me he just called to check how am I doing. My lalabs is worried because I was a bit down this morning while we were chatting.

To my lalabs, I know you will read this post as you often visit my blogs. I would like you to know that I love you very very much..

Switch To DirectTV Now!

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At present direct television is the best satellite television provider that anyone can have. DirecTV offers an incredible high definition satellite television at a cheaper rate compared to normal cables. On top of this, it also offer various program packages that allow customers the opportunity to choose the package that suit thier budget and life style. And with comes to High Definition service, no one can beat directv service.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Direct TV now and start enjoying the high quality of digital picture and audio.

Feeling Alone

Have you experience the feeling of being alone? Well, I did this morning I was chatting to my lalabs and then suddenly I had this bad feeling. Maybe because I heard my mother talking something that made me feel sad. I am not a prefect daughter or a sister but I am trying my very best to be a great sister and daughter.

Well, life is not sugar and cane as they say. lol I am pretty sure I will feel better later.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He Is Well

An uber late post again, apologize readers and visitors. As I mentioned in my previous post that my son is sick but thanks God he is very well now. I should have posted this earlier but I am uber busy for the past few days and in fact until now.

As for my son, he is crying while I am typing this post. He is begging me to borrow a dog (from his biological father's family) as they were ask to bring their pet in school as they will have an exhibit for Science and Math month. But, I simply can not do it for him as we not in in good terms especially the mother.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


A good night sleep is what I am longing right now, my eyes are nearly close but here I am sitting in front of my PC killing my time while everybody are sound asleep. I could not sleep until I am sure that my son's temperature is normal. I already give him a medicine for fever. Hopefully, he will be okay soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

On Business Planning

With the recent economy crisis there are millions of people who lost their jobs and some of them opt to put up their own business. But as we all know, putting and starting a business is not an easy task. You need to consider many things as to have a successful business. So, if you are planning to own a small or medium size business I would advise you to seek an advice of a business plan consultant. Or better yet, visit this website which I happen to came across. You will surely find good ideas and advise at

United Bloggers Award

Isn't it nice how internet technology helps us bond together no matter the race it. Recently Ma'am Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods pass this tag on me.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy this entire post but appropriately acknowledge the tag giver.

2. Link your and your blog's name (that is, put your and your blog's name plus the URL) and add the nationality that you have e. g Filipino, Finnish, American, Canadian, etc.)

3. Tag as many bloggers as you can so we can generate a long list here.

4. Return here and give me a comment or a message to include you in the masterlist.

5. If you have multiple blogs, you may copy this tag in all your sites but please include only one blog of yours in each post.

6. Update your masterlist by coming back here.

7. This tag will not only help us know the bloggers we keep in touch in the blogosphere but will also help build traffic to our sites.

MASTERLIST: (List down your nationality here. The first one has been done for you).


1. Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods
2. Jane -Life is What you Make It
3. Thoughts of a SAHM
4. My Journey
5. Deeply In Love
6. Celebrate Life
7. Designs and ScrapLO

1. Ares- Viva Republik

Now, I am passing this tag to Genejosh, Madz, Fe, Shelo, Maxi and Ritchie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Geezzz.. I haven't updating my blogs for few days now. I have been doing some offline errands lately and I want to finish it this week. So apologize guys if I can't visit your back at this moment but I will surely visit you back when I have enough time.

But for now, I will be off for a while.. I still have 2 task that need to be done but that can wait.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Running Out Of Words

Geezz.. I’ve been looking to the screen for 10 minutes now trying to figure out how I will start this post. I press the delete key many times and yet I cannot think of good words to use for this post.

In any case, I would not stop blogging… lol but I guess I will be asking your understanding if you happen to read nonsense post.

Since, I cannot think of a good topic to post in here I decided to lurk around the World Wide Web. You know Christmas is fast approaching and this is the only time of the year that I can shop goodies for my nephew and nieces. While browsing the net I happen to bump this website which offer bluray DVD players for a very affordable price. If money is not an issue I would like to have 8” portable DVD player.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Thank You Note

Teehee... I finally made it, I was blog hopping from this blog since yesterday and later today I will do it again but in my other blog. I need to make an effort if I want to earn back the lost Pr's in my other 2 blogs. myspace graphic comments

Anyway, I would like to say THANK YOU to those you visited me back and leave comments. I will be in your door step soon!

Cycling, Anyone?

I am not into sports though I always want to ride a bike, but unfortunately I can simply do it as I don’t know how to drive any types of vehicle that needs balancing. But if given a chance I would like try cycling.

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