Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Blog Hopping

I’ve been blog hopping since yesterday for this blog and my other blog, I am trying my best to gain back the PR I’ve lost for more than a month now. Hopefully, Mr. Google will return back the PR for that blog. Anyway, a friend from college will be coming over anytime soon. So I will just continue the blog hopping later today and to my visitors thank you for always visiting my blog I will be in your doorstep soon..


chubskulit said...

goodluck on your PR, me too is wishing that Mr. G will give me a higher PR..

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Rossel said...

i lost my pr too when i changed my domain name. waaah!

yung dati ko pr2 pa rin pero itong bago n/a daw e pareho lang naman sila ng laman.