Monday, September 28, 2009

Ranting Me?

Hello guys, how was your weekend? Did you had a good weekend with your love ones and friends? As for me I had a terrible weekend, I did the laundry yesterday and it makes my back ache. On top of this my mother is sick since Friday and I am glad that she is getting better now, she was suppose to attend a wedding last Saturday but because she is not feeling she opt to stay at home. And yesterday, I am one of the godmother to my cousin's son because my mother is not well I decided not to attend the baptism and let my cousin know the reason is why I can't attend the baptism.

As you all know I am also having pc hang-up which is annoying especially if I am going to do my online stuff but I can't even log in to my blogger dashboard or to any website that pays me to blog because my pc will suddenly freeze.

So please bear with me guys if I missed visiting you back but I promise I will when I am done doing all my pending tasks.

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