Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Son

I couldn't let this night pass without greeting my son a Happy Birthday. He will be turning 5 years old in an hour. It will be just one of the ordinary day for us tomorrow no party or whatsoever but we will for sure attend a mass tomorrow.

I wish him good health and be happy on this day. Happy Birthday anak... Mama loves you so much.. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Happy Weekend

Times really flies, it's weekend once again and it's 2 days left for the month of January. Do you have any plan for the weekend? As for me, I don't have any plan for the weekend. I might do some cleaning, but in fact I still need to finish few offline task I just hope I can finish it over the weekend.

So have a great weekend guys, you will see me in roaming around the blogosphere tomorrow.

I Need To Save

As the year 2010 starts I’ve been thinking of saving my earning in blogging. I am planning to finish the ceiling and fix the flooring since the crack that arises few days before the finishing is getting worse. I am considering of installing tiles flooring this time.

Aside from saving for the house I am hoping I could save for the LCD TV that I’ve been dreaming for. But then I know it will take many years to save for this kind of television apart of being less priority in my list.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Night

I am going to bed now as much as I want to stay online and finish few pending task but I could now. I hope I feel better tomorrow, I mean gone the strange and heavy feeling. so good night for now folks enjoy the rest of the day...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RV Supplies and Accesories

I have been complaining about having a slight headache for the past couple of days and in fact it come and goes. Apart from having on and off headache it seems that there is something heavy inside my body. A friend told me that I need to unwind and relax. And I guess she is right, I really need to loosen up and have some space for myself. If I have a lot of money to spend I would like to take a vacation where I could not think of any problem but I will make myself busy exploring the place and enjoy every bit my vacation. But then again, I know a vacation is very impossible at this moment.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lift Me Up!

Grr… I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Lately, I am not always in my best mood and I feel down most of the time. Was it the gloomy weather or I am a bit tired of what I am right not and want something new? I really don’t know why. But hey, don’t get wrong I love what and where I am right now. I consider myself lucky, I have a loving and supportive boyfriend, I have the sweetest bundle of joy that a mother can ask, and I have my family. In fact I could not ask for more. This feeling shall pass too and I mean real soon. I hate this feeling, really…

So anyone wants to lift up my spirit?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Night

Hello peepz!

How is your weekend so far? I hope you're having a weekend blast with your love ones. As for me, I had a bad Sunday my monthly visitor arrived this morning and it's making me uncomfortable. It is also the reason why I am having abdomen pain this afternoon. I am glad the pain is bearable now.

I am going to sleep soon, I'll just visit my farm and after I am off to bed..

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Blown By The Wind

Dang! Been looking at the monitor for long time now but I couldn’t think of something to write. A moment ago it seemed that my mind is full of ideas but when I am about to put it in words I could not write anything, even a single word. So all the ideas that was in my mind a while ago was blown by the air??.. too bad..

One more thing, my nose is a bit stuffy I almost had an asthma attack few hours ago. Good thing I still have medicine left from last time I had an asthma so before it get worse I immediately took my medicine.

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My son will be turning five this month though I don’t have any plan yet I might take this opportunity to compose a customized invites for my son’s birthday. I just hope my fund is enough to host a party.


I haven't eat my breakfast yes, no wonder I am very starving. I am alone in the house today as my mother is with my son. I did not go with him as I have an important matter to do this morning. But I guess I will just do it later today. I still need to hang the clothes outside as Mr. Sunshine has finally show up after hiding for few days.

So I am going to take off for a while to eat my breakfast and hang the clothes outside. Be right back.. I hope soon..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lazy ...

I still have few task that is available at triple P but in fact I have reserve 1 task but I am lazy to make the review. I really hope I will have the energy to do it later today. For now I am chatting to my friend in farmville.. well she ask me to help her how to play farmville.. hehehe And soon I am going to chat to my boyfriend...

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Acting Up

Grrr.. my desktop is acting up again since last night. Very irritating because whenever I connect my webcam it will freeze after few minutes. I was hoping that desktop will be better this morning but I was wrong because I restarted the desktop many times before I could post this entry.

So as of this moment it is impossible to blog hop hopefully I can later today. I am keeping my fingers cross.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Auto Repair Shop

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Pheumonia That Is

So, good morning peepz!

Yesterday, I brought my son to his pediatrician for the second time this month. And the doctor resorted that my son need to undergo chest x-ray since his CBC and urinalysis were negative. After more than an hour of waiting for the result..the x-ray results shows that he has pneumonia.

Hopefully the son will be better soon. He is taking two medicines and I also bought vitamin C for him. I remember a fellow mommy advice me a while ago that taking vitamin C is good. More especially that the weather is quite unpredictable sometimes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hassle Free Moving

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I seldom check how many bloggers do follow me, it's not that I am not interested to know in fact I am very thankful to those who follow my blog. However, there are times that I can return the favor for some reasons. I really hope I will have enough time to visit all of them and follow their blog as well. But for now, apologize if I haven't return back the favor I promise to make it up as soon as i find time to stay online longer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Searching For A Job, Anyone?

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Changing Layout

Please bear with me guys I am currently changing my layout...I am not good in color combination so I hope the color I used is okay....

Finally I am done tweaking my layout.. So ciao for now folks it's time to eat my dinner. I am not sure if I will be blogging again after.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stress Reliever

Geezz..I have been staying online most of the time since yesterday running my online errands. I sometimes run out of words whenever it happens I always login to my FB account and I will start farming. Yes, farming is my stress reliever I am hooked to it. I am on my way to level 21 hopefully I will earn it next week.

How about you? Are hook to Farmville?

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Rainy Weekend

What's up people?? Do you have any plan for this weekend?

As for me I will be staying at home I still have few tasks left that need to be done. It's been raining for few days now and man it makes me want to stay in bed. Well, in fact I get up late this morning. Thankfully, the boyfriend sent me sms to let me know that he is online because I am not sure if I will wake up on time for our chat.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No To Puffy Eyes

Lately I am not getting enough sleep for some reason. I am just lucky not to have puffy eyes and dark circles under my eyes.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding The Best Treatment And Information

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What a bummer! My son is sick again I don’t know why the fever keeps on coming back. I already bring him to the doctor and was asked for CBC laboratory and urine test. I am grateful that all the results were negative but now he has fever again since last night. I already give him Paracetamol Tempra Forte because his temperature is 38.2. Hopefully this fever won’t stay longer like last time as I have a thing about kids being sick.

On the lighter side, I am thankful that I have some task to do and will try my best to finish it as soon as I can so they will give me another batch of links assignment. Huh.. Am I being greedy here? I don’t mind since I really need to save some for this year’s project.

Getting Sleepy

It’s past midnight here in my other part of the word. Everybody is sound asleep except me. I can only hear the noise of the keyboard whenever I hit the keys. The boyfriend didn’t come online and he didn’t call or send sms as well and I am getting sleepy in here. I’ve been sitting in front of my desktop for more than two hours I better get going after checking about hgh pills. I heard that it improves sleeping habit , produces more energy, builds stronger bones, improves the quality and duration of heart and kidneys. It is also believe to improve sexual performance.

Color Blue

While thinking of what I am going to write in my next post I opt to take a another blog quiz and this time I wanted to know if my favorite color is really blue. And the result say....

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Show

I am supposed to be chatting to the boyfriend this time but unluckily he was not able to make it. I have been trying to call him but I can’t get through. He usually calls me or sends sms every time he can’t make it. But today I haven’t receive any from him which is really unusual I really hope and pray that he is okay and that nothing bad happened to him.

And while waiting for the boyfriend to come online I opt to play Farm Ville. I am on my way to level 20 to far away to go before I reach the minimum level lol.

Online Degrees

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I wasn’t able to finish my bachelor degree because of financial problem but given a chance to finish my schooling will for sure do it without any ado. However, as a mother I have more important rule to do that going to school though I am not losing hope that one day or another I will be able to come up stage to receive my college diploma.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Morning

Good morning blogger's! How was your night? As for me I I had a bad night last night, my stomach was aching. I and my boyfriend needs to stopped our chat soon so that I can take my rest. I had a hard time sleeping but as soon as I fall asleep I didn't woke up until 6:50 in the morning.

My apologize if I haven't returning the favor to all my visitor I promise I will be in your doorstep today. I will just finish few of my pending task and chat to my lalabs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crowd Control Paraphernalia

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Expired Task

I am a bit disappointed because of being forgetful and absent minded I lost 4 tasks last week. First, I forgot to reserve the task for my other blogs and it was too late when I remember it and secondly I forgot to do my task last night and when I arrived at home the task is already expire. I really hope that this experience will serve as a lesson to me.

Blogging at this point of time is really slow that is why I can’t let go any task that is assigned to me. I know bloggers out there will surely understand me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Affordable New York Luxury Hotels

Dang! I am supposed to be on my way to downtown to buy some stuff but here I am sitting in front of my desktop blogging and farming lol. Anyhow I am not actually playing this time I am trying to finish all my pending task this weekend so they will be accumulated on the next pay day. As you know I am in need of cash after spending quite a lot of money last Christmas holiday.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

On Saving

If you’re an avid follower of my blogs you will know that I and my son have been sick during the holiday. I am grateful that my son is okay now and is back to school after extending his holiday vacation for two days. As a single mother and with no stable I’d come to realize that I really need to save little by little for me use if in case I run out of cash. But thanks for my ever supportive boyfriend he always in the rescue every time I am into financial mess.

So for this year, I will try to save from my monthly allowance that comes from my boyfriend and my online earning. I am also checking on affordable life insurance lead online in case I will decide to get one for the future.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Night

The boyfriend sent sms at around 9pm letting me know that he will be online at 11pm. Since I am going to give my son's medicine and take his temperature at around 10pm I decided not to take a nap. But few minutes ago I received an sms saying he is going to call me when he can be online. I know he is quite busy today I he need to do a lot of stuff. So I might take a nap before he call me for chat as I am getting sleepy here. And I still need to get up at around 2 in the morning to take my son's temperature.

So good night for now folks!! Enjoy blogging...

I Am More Relax

The son is sick for couple of days now, the other day I thought that the fever is gone since his temperature was back to normal and he played with his cousins yesterday but I was wrong because he has fever again last night. So this afternoon I decided to bring him to doctor as I worry why the fever kept on coming back. However the laboratory result was all negative so his doctor advised me to monitor his temperature every four hours.

Anyway apart from worrying the health of my soon I also worry about the financial aspect if in case my son is really sick. The holiday season is just over and I spent too much in shopping gifts and new clothes for my family so I cannot afford another financial issue at this moment. I sometimes wonder if richest people in the world is also having financial problem like other people do since the economy fell many months ago.

Sick Again

I don't know what's wrong with my son his fever keep on coming back. He is not eating well and as mother I am pretty worry I really hope he will be alright soon. He use to have a good appetite but now that he is sick he don't want to eat. He is going to miss his class today because of his fever though he really wanted to go. Poor son, he need to stay at home and take some rest.

Thanks god I don't have any problem when I give him his medicine. He will open his mouth as soon as I ask him to do it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Need Of Extra Cash?

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Am Back

Finally my desktop is up again after being on hiatus mood for almost 48 hours. Yes, I was not able to blog and most of all I missed chatting to my boyfriend for almost two days. I am glad that I decided to open the cpu and moved the cables inside. Hopefully, I will my boyfriend will call me soon for chat as I terribly miss him.

TV Stands

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On Insurances

What’s up on me, it seems that my mind is not in the mood to blog as I’ve been sitting in front of my desktop for almost 15 minutes trying to make this post a relevant one. But I always end up pressing the delete key on the keyboard.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I wont allow this night to end without greeting you all a happy new year. May this year give us more opps to grab lol.. Seriously, I wish you all a happy new year, and I pray that this year will give us abundant blessing, good health and happiness. As much as I want to stay longer to blog hop but I cant as I need to attend my son. He is a having a fever and want my attention. Hopefully, I will have much time tomorrow..