Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Bands And More!

For a girl walking down the aisle is a dream come true. Exchanging I do’s to someone whom you dearly love is one of the happeniest moment to every couple. However there are a lot of things that need to consider before tying the knots. Wedding Bands play a big role in every weeding. So if you are planning to tie the knot I would suggest you to search or better yet choice have a choice wedding bands that you want and have a final choice from all the rind that you really likes. With this you are sure that you will get the best wedding bands, it can be expensive but it will be priceless. Anyway, you will be married once so why not make the best out of it.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shoulder Pain

As you all know I am sitting in front of my desktop most of the time. If I am not talking to the boyfriend I am blogging and playing online. Few months ago I have been complaining about my right arm. The boyfriend told me the reason why my arm is hurting because of staying in front of the desktop. With this I am advise to try exercises for frozen shoulder and I am glad it works on me.

For those who are looking for frozen shoulder treatment I urge you to visit

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Educational Tour (Part I)

I should be posting this post few days ago but for some reasons I miss posting it. although this is kind of late I will still post it. Anyway this is my blog and I am the boss in here... lol

So here it goes, the educational tour of the little was scheduled September 20, 2010. I and my mum woke up at around 4.30 in the morning to prepare our foods and other stuff. When we're about to go to school the rain drops started to fall I prayed that the rain will stop and that Mr Sunshine will show up for I know the kids will not enjoy the tour. God is really good because he heard my prayer, the rain stopped when we headed to our first destination, the Pepsi Cola Plant

However we need to wait for an hour or so because the bottling operation has not started yet so the school administrator suggests that we go directly to our second destination, which is the New Leyte Edible Oil Incorporated. The pre-elementary were not allowed to go inside the plant. But because I was eager to see what is inside the plant I decided to go with the grader. We had a sneak peak of what is happening inside the plant. We saw mountains of coconuts that are waiting to be processed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Living In Plano

In my country senior people are take cared of their families. They are not put in a home for the aged institutions unlike other countries. Recently while I am browsing the net I happen to found this community for senior people. In this place they can live happily and enjoy the remaining days of their life. They don't need to do the repair if ever something is broken in the house, they don't need to do the repair by them selves and they don't need to do any yard work.

So if you want your parents to enjoy their remaining years Independent Living Plano is a good choice. Franklin Park offer several apartment for rent and communities to choose from. With this I am quite sure you will find the perfect home and lifestyle for your older love ones. Should you need more information, you can visit the site now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winegard Portable Antenna

Do you love traveling with your love ones using your RV? Or are you planning to take a break this coming weekend but you don't know yet where to go? Well, how about going to a camping with your family? I am quite sure your kids will love it.

Talking about camping, do you know that you can still watch your favorite weekend show although you are on camping? Watching television while on camping is now possible. All you have to do is bring your winegard automatic portable satellite TV antenna. This antenna is easy to carry so you don't actually worry how to bring them wherever you want to go.

A while ago I stumble upon this site that offer winegard antenna and other materials needed in camping. So if you are a camper then you might want to check this site, you will surely like what they are offering.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Running Out Of Time

Dang I still have few tasks that need to be done. I really need to finish them today or else I am going to lose them. Sigh! Not a good idea for I really need to save for extra expenses. I do have some extra expenses lined next month. I am glad that I still have some tasks that come my way it will surely help me survive next month (keeping my finger cross).

Btw, I am here blogging at the internet café I decided to come earlier so I could blog before chatting to the boyfriend. I hope I still have time to visit other blogs later.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fat Burner Reviews

There are hundreds ways how to lose weight but some of them are not effective. But if you are really eager to shed those unwanted fats in your body you will surely lose some. If the natural way doesn’t works to you then perhaps can visit the thermogenic site. In this site you can find reviews and ample information of different fat burner that will help gain back your sexy body.

Anti Aging Vitamin

The primary worry of women my age is aging. As for myself I sometimes worry about it but then since I know for a fact that I can not sustain those expensive anti-aging cream and surgery I need to find another way to prevent aging.

While browsing the net I found out that serum vitamin c will help reduce wrinkles and improve the skins tone and texture. It also give a radiant youthful looks.


I am going to transfer the photos taken yesterday during the educational tour of the little one. I hope that I could successfully upload the photos before the desktop freeze. I am planning to share some photos here in my blog but I will upload all of them in my facebook account. I also have some photos taken during the Math and Science exhibit.

The kids had a chance to see real animals which they can only see at the zoo. I thank the man behind those animals.

Carpet Cleaning

Hello guys! Did you miss me? I didn’t blog yesterday as I left the house early in the morning and I don’t have the energy to come online.

The other day I noticed that our home really needs a major cleaning for it has been few weeks since the last time I did a major cleaning. Cleaning is not really my stuff, I am not a good cleaner compare to my younger sister but since she can’t do that now because she just give birth a week ago I am going to do it myself. I am glad that we opt not to use the carpet in the living room because the carpet it not easy. Well, I know that I can hire carpet cleaning service but our carpet is not that big so I choice to clean it myself.

For those who have problem cleaning the carpet you can log on at With them you can be sure that your kids and pet are safe for they use natural green carpet cleaning system.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secure Investment

As you all know I have been talking a lot about the future of my son and my family. As a single mother I sometimes worry of my son’s future so as I early as of now I am thinking of a good investment to start.

A while ago I was blog hopping I found out that more and more blogger is talking about investing in gold. Well, I am not actually surprise for I have been reading a lot about gold investment. I know that the price of gold keep on increasing as years pass by. If I have enough money I would surely start buying gold coins, well bullion is better but that is too much expensive.

For those who want to start investing in gold bullion and looking on where to buy bullion I suggest you to visit Through this site you can buy gold bullion coins such as gold American eagle, Chinese gold Panda, American Buffalo and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the prefect time to invest in gold.

Annoyed Yet Excited

Darn this pc it’s giving me headache again. I was chatting to the boyfriend earlier when suddenly it shutdown and I could not open it again. It is really annoying when pc is crazy and I still have few tasks that need to be done. Like today, I already received an e-mail letting me know of my pending task. I need to finish this task soon I don’t want to lose $10.
ON the lighter note, the little one is excited for their tomorrow. This is in conenction of the Math and Science month celebration. Hopefully we will have a good weather tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Laptop Insurance

When I was a student I wish to have my own desktop but because of financial problem I end up renting a desktop when I took up the summer class for thesis.

These days majority students that are taking computer subject have their own desktop or laptop. Students usually bring their laptop to school. Often times the parents are worried that their son or daughter might lost the laptop while in school. Good thing student laptop insurance is now available so parent would not to worry about the security of the laptop they bought for their children.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been talking a lot about diet pill lately. I guess it is because I really want to shed the unwanted fat in my body. Since I am lazy to exercise and I am just sitting in front of my desktop most of the time I am having a hard time losing weight. I am not yet desperate yet to resort in taking diet pill but if in case I am going to try it. The first thing I am going to do it visit so I could find diet pills that really works.

Off To Internet Cafe

Hello pepz! I will be off for a while for I am going to chat the boyfriend at the internet cafe. I am schedule to after half an hour but I starting to hear thunder and lightning so I guess I will be going soon. Hopefully I could do few of my tasks while waiting for the boyfriend to come online. See you soon guys!!!

Best Weight Loss Supplement

Wee!!!Another member of our growing family.

My sister gave birth to her fourth child (she hopes it’s the last one) last September 9 in the newly opened birthing facility in my town. I am happy for my sister as she didn’t gained much while she is pregnant so she doesn’t need to worry on how to lose weight.

However not all women are lucky like my sister for there are some who gain much during pregnancy and after giving birth they resort on taking the best weight loss supplement just to gain back their body measurement before pregnancy. Sigh! I guess I will also need weight loss supplement in the future for I am having problem shedding off the fats all over my body.

Weight Lose Supplements

I know there are over millions of people out there that want to shed those unwanted fats in their bodies. Unfortunately, I am one of them. You will notice I have been talking about my desire on losing my weights. Been gaining for almost four years and I have been shopping new sets of clothing because my old clothes doesn’t fit me anymore. Imagine how much I gained over the last few years.

There are times that I am tempted to try the weight loss dietary supplements that I found online. However I am afraid of the side effect so I really need to be careful before taking any diet supplement especially that I have asthma to consider.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Geezz! I don’t know why I am too sleepy this time. For the past few days I have been sleeping most of the time. I guess my eyes us getting use on sleeping early. I do have few tasks that need to be done today as it will expire soon. I could not allow any tasks slip in my hands.

Monday, September 13, 2010

HCG Injections

I am gaining, that is a fact.

Been gaining a year after I give birth to my son and I have been trying to lose weight for more than a year now. At first I lose four kilos but after few months I gained it back. There are times that I am tempted to try weight loss pill or any that would help me to lose weight. But for now, I will try to lose weight in a natural way. If not, I’ll try to find other solution but sure I can’t afford HCG injections Austin because I am living in another part of the world

Am I Burned Out?

You Are 32% Burned Out

You are a little burned out these days.

You are mostly energized and happy, but you occasionally wear yourself down.

Think about taking a personal day every so often.

You work hard, and you deserve to give yourself a little break!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Online Insurance Quotes

In few months it’s the time of the year wherein we need to decide whether to continue or start paying our health insurance. As for me, I will surely continue paying my health insurance because I know it would be a big help in the future.

If you haven’t start paying your health insurance then perhaps you might want to check insurance quotes at Through this site you will find informative information about different types of insurance such as health, home, life, auto, small business insurance and etc.

Gift Gift Gift...

Christmas season is just around the corner. What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you heard a word Christmas? For me the first thing that cross my mind if gift giving and buying of gifts for my family, god children and friends. For this year I am considering on buying Mrs. Fields cookies online for my friends. I happen to came across this online store that offer field cookies and basket online. What I like in this site is that they will deliver your order fresh to your doorstep.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hurry To Theme Philippines

I watched the pool game of theme Philippines and theme Finland. Theme Philippines won over Finland scoring 9-1 race to 9. The theme Philippines compose of Roberto Gomez and Dennis Orcollo. Too bad the other theme loses the game yesterday.

Hopefully Gomez and Orcollo make it the finals. I wish them luck..Btw, the World Cup of Pool 2010 is happening at Robinsons Place Manila. Lucky to those who can watch it live.

Investing Investing And Investing

I have been talking about precious metal investment these days. Today I will be posting the same investing. I cannot help myself but post about investing in gold because I am really interested in this type of investment. As of now, I shall be contented investing in jewelries because I don’t have enough money to buy gold in bullion.

I have search some companies on where I could buy gold bullion and gold coins if my fund is enough. I found out that is the perfect place to visit when it comes to precious metals. Well, they won’t be called as America’s best dealer of precious metals for nothing. So I am pretty sure they offer authentic products and they have superb relationship to their customers.

Nonsense Post

Beware! Nothing exciting or important about this post.

I really don’t know what I am going to write in here, no matter how I think of a good topic to talk about but I could not. But since I need to make a non paid post for a minimum of fifty words here I am talking non sense topic. I guess this post is more than fifty words now. Sigh!

Lazy Lazy Me...

Darn! Laziness is bugging me again. Well, honestly I am not just lazy I also don't want to come online. Something happened few days ago that stopped me from coming online. I have some tasks waiting for me and I don’t want to lose them as badly needed some extra. I have extra expenses lined before the end of this year and yet I don’t have enough resources to cover up all of them.

Anyway, how is your three days off doing so far? I hope you are having a blast with your love ones.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

IT Solutions

Do you have a business? Or do you want to have your own business? Either way, you should know that businesses nowadays use high technology in restoring and protecting important data. If in any case you need an IT solutions I would suggest you to visit The site offer data protection, disaster recovery, and data center efficiency. For more information you can visit the site or chat live to any of their representative. You can also request any information you want to know about the company and their services.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

I would not let this day pass without greeting the mother that gives us strength, comfort, unfailing protection and endless love. To Mama Mary Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a quick update!

Just to let you know guys that I am still here alive and kicking. My desktop has been too bad lately that it won’t open no matter what I do. As of now I am blogging from the internet café though I want to stay longer I can’t simply do it right now as I feel something with my eyes. The boyfriend told me to rest my eyes. I don’t want to flout him this time because I know he is right.

I know I have been saying this for couple of months now and I will say it again this time. I promise to visit you back as soon as I have enough time. I know thank you is not enough but nonetheless I want to say thank you for always visiting my blogs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cyber Monday

Holiday season is on the air. Is your pocket ready? As for me, I am not ready yet though I am starting to make a list of what I am going to buy for this holiday season. I hope I can find good deals so the boyfriend will not get bankrupt. If I could only shop on Cyber Monday I will surely save some bucks.

I only hope I can shop online perhaps at I heard this site offer wide selection of great deals products.

Back Again

The little was happy when he gets home yesterday because his cousin is here again. My brother in law brings them back as they don’t have classes until Friday. Sigh! For sure the house will be noisy again. Well, I really don’t care if the house is noisy and messy because the kids are having fun.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Non 12 Step For Alcohol Addiction

Do you know someone who is addicted to alcohol? Or are you searching of a good institution to help one of your family member recover from alcohol addiction?

Just recently I came across this site which helps alcohol addiction through the non 12 step. It is a clinical approach to recover from alcohol addiction. For more detailed information you can visit the site at