Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carpet Cleaning

Hello guys! Did you miss me? I didn’t blog yesterday as I left the house early in the morning and I don’t have the energy to come online.

The other day I noticed that our home really needs a major cleaning for it has been few weeks since the last time I did a major cleaning. Cleaning is not really my stuff, I am not a good cleaner compare to my younger sister but since she can’t do that now because she just give birth a week ago I am going to do it myself. I am glad that we opt not to use the carpet in the living room because the carpet it not easy. Well, I know that I can hire carpet cleaning service but our carpet is not that big so I choice to clean it myself.

For those who have problem cleaning the carpet you can log on at With them you can be sure that your kids and pet are safe for they use natural green carpet cleaning system.

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