Monday, January 11, 2010

Expired Task

I am a bit disappointed because of being forgetful and absent minded I lost 4 tasks last week. First, I forgot to reserve the task for my other blogs and it was too late when I remember it and secondly I forgot to do my task last night and when I arrived at home the task is already expire. I really hope that this experience will serve as a lesson to me.

Blogging at this point of time is really slow that is why I can’t let go any task that is assigned to me. I know bloggers out there will surely understand me.


imelda said...

waray mo man ako itext para natrabaho ko. i was just at home baga naupay upay na an akon colds last night pero sumaliwan yana na aga an lipong tak head as in naglilibot it balay. yana usa la nga maya tak ginpupukrat para makablog.makapoy paginukoy.

Riza said...

Ako din! Share mo sakin, then I will send the posts to you para upload mo sa blog mo, or make me your blogging staff, hehe!

Anonymous said...

Yup! I understand you. I also lost several tasks, especially last long vacation. =(