Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random rants

I missed some opps at triple p this week, it's frustrating since they are not that good to me for a month now. Well, it started when the pr of my domain blog slapped zero. That is why i want to grab any opps that will come out no matter how much it is and how many words i need to make. i am glad that i able to grab few opps from review me and loud launch. Pero minsan wala talaga akung income sa isang araw unlike before kumikita ako ng $20 sa isang araw at hindi na yun masama. hay... life of a pro blogger is sometimes difficult, we also have our ups and down in grabbing opps. **winks**

Last night my internet connection is making a mess again. I am always lost connecttion every now and then and worse is that i am chatting to lalabs that time. hmmm... good thing it was back to normal when we chatted again at 11 pm.

Anyway kasali naman ang isa kung blog Celebrate life sa pacontest ni Dashing Smile and i hope i will make it this week since i bagged the second place last week. pagnanalo i will ask Carlota if i can use the layout for this blog hehehe..below is the screen shot.

do you think i will win this time? huh.... sana naman...

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