Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friends Meet Up

I am going to meet my college friends later today, were not complete but it always nice when we have time to update our self. We do keep in touch through sms but yours truly is a lazy text-er so I don't always reply their sms.

Anyway, we agreed to watch horror movie this time and hopefully the weather will be good to us. It's a gloomy Wednesday in my place and I blame it to another typhoon coming. Argh.. I pity to those who always hit by typhoons, I pray that this typhoon would spare my country and move to another direction.

Back to my friends, I do miss our bonding moment when were still in college. We always have drinking season every time we finish taking our exams. Our group is also the favorite group of the SAO group, I remember when we were packing pack lunches for the students. The concern of our teachers and office employee, the bonding time with our janitress (who passed away few years ago). The visit to our friend who live near the beach.

Time really flies and how I wish one day we could bond together and reminisce the past. opps.. i am getting nostalgic in here..


NovaS said...

i'm sure you guys will be having so much fun.. oh i missed those days that me and my friends will meet up and chat, eat and drink...

my katiebug said...

don't forget the videoke session, too hehehehe :)

Sherry said...

long time I not meet up with my friends