Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Illness Symptoms And Treatment

A week ago I was having dry cough and later on asthma strikes me which brought me to visit my doctor as I am having problem breathing when I lie down. I have this feeling the dry cough I had is a symptom of illness and is not because of the asthma so I requested for a chest x-ray to find out if something is wrong with my lungs. And I was right because I have an infection called interstitial pneumonia.

Anyway, as we all know there are different symptom is every illness and the early your found out the symptoms the better as there are Treatment for Symptoms which you can do without visiting any specialist. You can also visit for more information about different illness, symptoms and cure. You can catch Dr Daniel Amen in the media as he speaks more on how to cure ailments and prevent illnesses that weaken our body just in case you are not satisfied of the information you get from the website.

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imelda said...

i need this site. i am not gettig any younger and illness seldome visits me.ty for this post, i can minimize visit to a physician.