Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keeping My Finger Cross

Lalabs and I agreed to chat at 7.30 I am hoping that my pc will not mess around then. If you are a regular visitors in my blogs you will noticed that I’ve been complaining about my desktop hang-ups for quite sometimes now. And because of this I seldom online and blogging at night as my desktop will suddenly freeze.

However, the desktop hang-ups won’t stop me from trying to catch up my lalabs and blogging though there are times that I am give up restarting my pc and opt to have a good night sleep lol.. Nice decision isn’t it? Hehehe.. If money is not a problem in my side I would like to buy a laptop but then again I know it is not practical as of this moment as I have a lot of priorities in line that buying a laptop.

On the other hand, while I am typing this post my son is having a practice for his talent for their upcoming search for Mr. & Ms SNTLSBEI, as one of the highlight for the school foundation and family day. I am not really expecting that my son would win this time as there are older and mature kids than him. Well, I just want him to overcome stage fright but I am hoping he will do well like he did during the search for Mr & Ms A1 Child.

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kandi said...

Wow! Ur right. That's a good way of making ur child overcome with stage fright... Hopw he will enjoy it...