Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last Saturday it was the 6th foundation of my son's school, the reason why I was off from blogging. As you what I've said in my previous post that my son was one of the candidate for Mr & Ms SNTLSBEI 2009. Unfortunately my son bagged the last place for he only got a little amount of money.

I was disappointed because my son did not make it but I was disappointed because I do not have a good photo of him at the stage. I do not know what is wrong to the camera but I always got blurry photos of him. I guess it has something to do with the lights, I only hope that I can download some photos of him from their school files. Anyway, the school owner is a relative and I told my cousin to take some photos of my son.

I hope I can post some photo real soon.

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NovaS said...

oh ka exhausted ni mama rose oi... ang beauty ha? sige upload photos nya dre aron kakita mis imong gamay nga ulitawo