Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just had my bath few minutes ago and boy the water is really cold. I am not used of taking a bath early in the morning except when it is summer. But since I am going out early today I need to take a bath.

My lalabs didn't come online as we agreed to chat at 5 am. Maybe he fall asleep while watching television and forgot to set his phone reminder. So to my lalabs I know I wont be online when you come online before going to bed I will just see you at 5 pm. Always remember that no matter how stupid and stubborn I am I will always love you. Nothing can stop or change that.


Nanaybelen said...

Hehhehe... ganyan ang in love

Crayons n' Pencils said...

Taking cold baths in the morning has also been a constant battle with me, I had to boil water just to tone down the cold. Brrr!!!