Sunday, February 1, 2009

Afraid of Mr. Bean

Would you believe that my son is afraid of Mr. Bean? Yeah, he is afraid of Mr. Bean I really don’t know what he saw in Mr. Bean’s face to be afraid of. Maybe it’s the facial expression or maybe because he only hears people laughing on the background sounds. Whatever his reason to be afraid of Mr. Bean I hope he will get over it as he grow older. Cos I believe that show is funny, in fact my nephew and niece loves the show that they watch it twice during weekends.


Elizabeth said...

has your son seen the animated version of it? maybe pag napanood niya un, mwala ung fear niya ke Mr. Bean.
anyway, just make sure you're there while watching Mr. Bean kasi minsan naughty talaga si mr.Bean. need parental guidance talaga pag pinanood. hehe pero I must admit funny naman kasi kaya ok panoorin. :)

Hazelicious929 said...

Mr Bean is really funny but sometimes kakainis hehehe maybe your son got afraid of Mr Bean's face hehehe

Carnation said...

i love his funny antics but it's true that many kids are afraid of him. my nieces and nephews were afraid of him when they were still little but they like him now, esp the animated version.

Prettymom said...

@Elizabeth, he is als afraid of the animated.

@Hazelicious, that cross to my mind too.. hehehe

@Carnation, I am keeping my finger cross that time will come na he will love MR. BEAN