Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Contest Update

Yay, its been a while since I updated this blog apologize guys. But I always visit this blog to monitored the contest. To update the answers here it is:

Sweet Shelo's answers:
March 7,1979 30 years old

Chelle's answers:
March 23, 1979 30 years old

Rosa's answers:
March 18, 1979 30 years old

Retchie's answers:
March 21, 1983 26 years old

Klvingood's answers:
March 01 21 years old

Nedekcir's answers:
March 16, 29 years old

Laine's Cutie Adobe's answers:
March 19, 1981 28 years old

Mys answers:
March 7 turning 30

Good luck to those who joined the contest and if you haven't join the contest yet why not try your luck. Join now!!!


Chuchie Wilks said...

I'm really excited na sis..Just want to know na when is your birthday jud ehehehe

Lynn said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish your contest a success. :) And advance happy birthday!