Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Blog

Hello guyz! I hope you are having fun and enjoying the weekend. As for me here I do not have any fancy plan for this weekend. But yeah, i will be opening another blog for my designs. Yes, another blog to update and maintain.

Please do visit my DESIGNS AND SCRAPLO blog, I will be posting all my works in this website and i hope I have the mojo to post some of the scrapLO I made.


Imelda said...

wow, congrats for this another blog. me, here i will be damned with my internet explore browser, takes too long to load. i have been used to my opera browser.

I am having hard time to log in to ppp. power here is fluctuating. or maybe just in my cpu.

twinks said...

hi sis,
wow that's great. i'm happy for're doing great and keep up those designs coming! am proud of you sis!