Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grumpy Me

I am feeling grumpy today, I even don’t know the reason why I do. Yesterday was a tiring day for me. I brought my pc to repair shop finally after a decade of complaining about the hang ups.

The pc has got new power supply, processor fan and IDE cable, well the old cable is still working but the technician opt to change it for my pc’s sake. While waiting for the technician to be done on fixing the pc I decide to roam around the downtown area. It was raining but I do not have any other option to kill the time. I did check the movie showing but movies houses haven’t change the picture yet, so I have no other choice really.

Anyway, go back for being grumpy. I guess I will take a short nap and I hope I feel relieve after.


sweet_shelo said...

Ohh sounds really a grumpy day for u.. but i hope u are not grumpy now..

reanaclaire said...

hi.. i m like u too.. at times it is normal to feel down and easily irritated..i guess that makes a woman special..haha...

Prettymom said...

@Sweet shelo i feel better now after taking a long nap

@Reanaclaire I guess you are girl.