Sunday, August 1, 2010

Migraine And Blogging

I woke this morning with a slight headache and while checking my mails and other online account I noticed that the slight headache turned to be a bad migraine. So I opt to go back to sleep although I just get up. After few minutes I doze off to sleep and woke up after two hours of sleeping only to throw up. To make the story short I was sleeping the whole day which also mean I missed chatting to the boyfriend. Sigh!

After a terrible migraine I am pleased that when I open my IPL dashboard my eyes widen when I saw an opps with a high payouts. For sometimes now, chasing opps with a high payout is seldom to happen so I always feel happy whenever I grabbed a high amount of opps.


simply kim said...

wow! congrats to that opps!

imelda said...

good for you, mine is so serene, lol. hope u feel better now

Tey said...

too much blogging can cause migraine.. I have it too since I became addicted to blogging. It's fun and congrats sa opps.
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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sang ayon ako kay tey..

Tembang Lawas said...

wow congratulation :D Tembang Lawas