Saturday, December 6, 2008

Single parent quote

As a single parent of a hyper three years old on I need to be careful on what I will teach him. Sometimes I end up searching on the net of article on how a single parent raise a child. And in my search I came across this single parent quote that grasp my attention.
No matter how children came to be living with just one parent, they need to be told, again and again, that your family’s configuration is the result of an adult decision or an act of fate that has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

When I read this quote I realized that I need to tell my son that he is the fruit of love. At this time he is not asking who his father is, because he has a virtual father whom he consider a real papa. But I know time will come that he will ask who his real father is and when that time comes he is mature enough to understand the situation.


Twerlyn said...

hi rose, mao ng time na dili nako gusto ipangutana sa akong anak oi, kay akong itubag kay "nalumos sa sabaw". anyway gamay paman kaau cia niabot iyang virtual dad.

sa laing bahin, murag naka apply ko sa blogitive pero murag wala man na approve akong blog oi..kalimot ko sa kadaghan na akong gi-applayan.nag submit nalang ko usab sa blogitive,wait pa kog 2 to 3 days sa response nila.thanks for reminding me.

Prettymom said...

thanks lerms sa comment