Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Face Booking

There are lot of disadvantage and advantage in joining social networking. For my part, the disadvantage is that I cannot accomplish the stuff that I need to finish because I am playing or busy visiting other profile. The advantage is that I am in touch of my old classmate back in high school and college and even elementary.

A week ago I was surprised when I saw a message in my facebook account from one of my friend in college that is based in Sweden. Been searching for her name before but I could not find her so I give up searching her name. I have read that facebook user is soaring high every day. No wonder members can search lots of people by using search app in facebook. Just recently I came across the profile of Invesp but I was in hurry that time that I was not able to check the profile so I will come back and check it when I have enough time.

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