Saturday, June 12, 2010

Awesome Performance Of Jovit Baldivino

I know this guy will come a long way, when I first saw him sing his auditioned piece in Pilipinas Got Talent I already knew he would make it to the finals. Imagine an almost 4 million hits in youtube this only mean that people love him and no wonder because he is such a nice guy a humble guy at that.

Last night, when Luiz Mazano and Billy Crawford called his name I felt static and even more when the audience started shouting wildly as he sings Too Much Love Will Kill You. This song is not an easy song to sing but he made it. So go go.. Jovit and other Filipino Talent!

Below is Jovit Baldivino's rendition of Too Much Love Will Kill You.


Kayce said...

Im also a Fan of Jovit! Go go go Jovit! I know you can make it

Mommy Rubz said...

He is indeed very talented.

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