Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Muscles

Yesterday I was in the mall to pick up my allowance. I was surprised when I enter the mall premises that there are lots of people in the activity area. And I was more surprised upon seeing what they are watching; it’s the search for Mr Tacloban 2010 sponsored by the Tacloban Bodybuilding Power Lefting Inc (I am not sure if I remember it right).

Anyway, I decided to stay and watch the show though I don’t like seeing those guys with big muscles. I just enjoy watching while the contestant is doing some moves on how to show their muscles.


MinnieRunner said...

Same here, I don't want those big muscles :P

Ria said...

Hunks? Nah...gusto ko pa din yung normal looking guy (like my hubby..hehehe) na madaling yakapin :)