Monday, October 13, 2008

Entrecard problem

This morning i finally able to dropped the minimum drop for the day in my other blog and more than two hundred drops for my Celebrate Life and some drops for this blog. I wanted to be able to drop the 300 drop my each blog today so I begin dropping this afternoon. But unfortunately after few drops i encounter this message.
Outage for a maximum of 2 hours until 7AM Boston time while we try and deal more conclusively to performance issues we are experiencing during high-load times. We apologize once again and hope this outage will be the last we need for some time.

Does it mean entrecard is having some problem again. Argh.. hopefully it will be okay soon so I can continue dropping.

1 comment:

twinks said...

Hi Sis,

the same thing happened yesterday. An outage happened too..good thing it was only for 2 hours and I was able to do 300 drops for the first time..hehehe

Have a nice day sis :]