Friday, October 24, 2008

To or not to go

Tomorrow is the 6th birthday of niece. I promise her that I would buy her a cake on her birthday. I got a call from my sister this morning asking when we are going to go in there place {Samar} because her daughter has been waiting for our arrival since yesterday. I am having a second thought to go there with my nanay, my nephew and son because of luck of time. But upon receiving my sister's call we might go there tomorrow.

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jHeLea said...

nag promise baya ka sis sa imong niece....baka magtampo sa iyo...

Tey said...

go reunite with someone you have not been with for quite sometime Rose.

Dropping EC here.
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Tey said...

I am here to visit you from my other 4 blogs Rose, Go ahed and have fun then share it here on your blog
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