Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips for single parents

I’ve been a single parent for almost four years now. Raising a child as a single parent can be difficult, challenging and yet rewarding. I know there are thousands or even million single parents around the world. Being a single parent can be very busy. You maybe need to work, prepare you kid/s needs, house chores and etc. Here are some tips that will help you balance your time.

  • Accept help. When friends and family offer their help, be sure to take it! This can mean having someone play with your child while you run errands, or having someone to call when you need to talk.
  • Take advantage of local resources. Many communities offer play groups, after-school activities and parenting classes. These can give you and your child a chance to have fun, learn and make new friends. You can ask a nurse or social worker in the hospital for some recommendations.
  • If you don’t get enough time with your child, look for creative solutions. Ask if your job lets you work flexible hours, for example.
  • Don’t forget fun. Take a break from your busy routine to plan something special for you and your child. Take a trip to the zoo, go to a movie, dine out or play in the park.
  • Make time for yourself. You need a chance to relax once in a while, too! It can be as simple as taking 15 minutes to look at a magazine or watch your favorite show when your child is in bed.

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Tey said...

awesome post Rose. I admire your courage. I really hope soon you'll be with you lalabs
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