Friday, July 10, 2009

On Shoe Buying

When I am buying clothes and shoes I see to it to that the product I am buying is in good quality. I don't paying quite expensive product in ex-change of durability and comfortable. But few months ago I was tempted to buy a nice a shoes, the shoes is not expensive and it's not a branded one. I was surprised when I broke it after using if for few times. I never expected it.

Now, I am in need of a new shoes and I am certain that I will not buy the shoes like the one I brought before. I have been searching online stores on where I can buy affordable Dansko shoes. A friend of mine told me that this shoe brand is good.


Dorothy L said...

It is so true...quality merchandise is going to cost a few dollars more. It is even more disappointing when we pay a lot and end up with poor quality.

MarlyMS said...

I do not mind buying high priced shoes as long as they won't kill my feet, and they will last a long time as well.

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Tey said...

Yeah I will be needing new shoes next month. I have not time to shop and online store is a great idea. Thanks Rose
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eva said...

Yeah so true. I don't mind paying extra for nice and comfortable shoes. A reasonable prize for a good quality will do.


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