Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vacation, Anyone?

I will be turning 31 early next month how time flies it seems yesterday when I was dreaming to have a blast in my 18th birthday but didn’t materialized because of financial difficulties. Whenever my birthday is near I always plan of taking a vacation and so I am again planning and hoping to take a vacation with family. However with a lot of expenses that I am facing right now I don’t think I will enough money to spend for a vacation.

But to those who are planning to take a vacation why not check out Maui rental at I pretty sure you will find something that will go with your tight budget.


eva said...

hello! advanced happy birthday! ihope you'll find a good vacation.


imelda said...

i jusy got online now. my internet was fixed last friday pa but kids played wt desktop. and i have been sleeping la

Nanaybelen said...

hindi na talaga mapigil ang oras, araw taon . Lumilipas na parang hangin.
Advanced Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birthday!

As for me, I just wish to have a simple birthday - sleeping all day long or a movie marathon :P

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birthday!