Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Chies Trends layout

Last week I made a freebie layout for Rechie, when I found out that her favorite color is blue so I ask here if she want a free layout for her blog. She then ask me if its okay i make a layout for her new blog. I did few editing since she want her header to have a pic with her and her other 2 sister. And this is what i come up. You can visit her site at this link. The graphics I used in this layout is a freebie from Arty-Pharty.

The first layout i made

The final layout


Imelda said...

wow u are having lay out addiction now, lol. btw, i referred a blogger to u who requested a help from me about signing up her, i told her i wont risk and i referred her to u.i hope u dont mind.

Rosa said...

wow. nice layout!

Allen's Darling said...

WOw prettymom very nice lay-out i've ha mine from pretty mom femikey too Thanks for viewing

Lisa said...

ang galing mo palang mag lay-out :Dk