Friday, January 9, 2009

What I Am Into

Opps.. it's been days since my last update here. I am actually busy exploring PhotoImpact7 which i installed last month. This week is not really good to me. I've been in a bad mood lately and because of this I am lazy updating my blog. Though, I have been sitting in front of my pc most of the time but then i don't have the mojo to write anything.

However, I am still productive this week. Not that i earn much in blogging but I manage to figure out how to scrap. Boy, I can't explain the feeling when i had my first LO. I know i still need some time to be good in this field. But heck i am willing to take the challenge.

Anyway here is my first LO, the picture is me and son. This was taken 4 months after I give birth. I still am skinny in this picture. ohh, how i missed that body. hehehe...

Scrap booking kit from: Shabbyprincess


Ladynred said...

Sorry ngayon lang ako nka get back sayo. Your question about framing a picture I guess you figured it out. Your first layout is beautiful.

Imelda said...

yeah in time i know ur knowledge on this will improve, kaw pa!