Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost Done

Blog hopping from my link list. It's been a while since the last time I visited the links listed in my blog list. I found out that few of the domain is expired and some blogs are in active. I am not done cleaning the blog list of my other blog and it seem that this blog also need some cleaning. Hopefully, I will have more time and blogging in the coming days.

Anyway, it's passed 1 o'clock here in my other part of the world. Just finished chatting to the boyfriend few minutes ago. I do have some tasks to do but for now I need some sleep.. I will just do all my tasks tomorrow. I hope laziness would not bite my butt again..


Maxi said...

Hello PrettyMom!

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Visiting you back here today.

I also need to do some blogroll cleaning and checking soon. I still have lots to do so I'll do that some other time.

hope all is well. Hugs!

Ovah' Coffee
The Pastime Shelf

Lizeewong said...

Hi pretty momma! Thanks for visiting my site. I should be doing the same - bloghopping but havent got the time yet.

Will visit you from time to time ya.

Cheers :)

NovaS said...

oh..thanks for reminding me about that.. since i don't work anymore gotta clean my blog list too...

Hopeful said...
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Hopeful said...

How I wish I could visit too all the links on my blogroll. Maybe if not that busy.

Thanks for visiting my blog My Thoughts on Daily Living