Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I will be right back in a while, I just need to take some rest as my back is kind of tire sitting in front the desktop. I still have few tasks left and hopefully I could finish them all later today. I am glad that I still have few tasks assigned in my other blog although it has no PR.

Soon my save will be enough for my project this year. As you all know I am trying to spend some from my blogging money for our home. I still need some times to finally finish beautifying our simply home but I am not losing hope. I know can do everything I want for our home in the future. I just need to save and do every available task that would come my way.


AiDiSan said...

hi there,

i'm glad to know you continue to earn keeping your blog and doing paid blog i guess.

i think it's high time for me to go back to paid blogging. i stopped since PPP changed its name.

Tetcha said...

Good luck! I hope you save enough this year to finance your home beautification project.