Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Deep Crisis

My cousin was here a while ago, he just visited his father (brother of my mother). He cried while talking to my mother, he is simply devastated how his father looks while they were talking. I know and I understand how my cousin feel at this moment and being the eldest in the family the big responsibilities is in his shoulder, though his brother can also help him. I am somehow glad that this happen when they are all grown up though the youngest is just few months old. We assure them that we will be here to help them in any way we can.

How I wish I could tell all the details of what my family is facing right now. But like what I’ve said in my previous post I can’t simply share to the whole world everything that is happening to my family at this moment. I do hope that time will come that I am ready to share and tell everybody everything that is happening to me and my family without restrictions. For now, please bear with me and help us pray that this problem shall pass too like the previous problem we had.


NovaS said...

thats really horrible, i'm sure everything will be okay

Vernz said...

Hi sissy, thanks for dropping by ... hope your problems will be over soon ... God Bless your weekend..

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imelda said...

thats samily in action lot. the problem of one is the problem of all. everything will be ok lot.