Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Bla

Argh! My desktop is a big pain in my butt. I attempt to open it this morning for I have some tasks that need to be done but to no avail. I always freeze before I could connect the internet. So here I am, blogging from the internet café. How I wish I have longer time to stay to visit some blog but I’m afraid my time is limited. It’s getting late here in my other part of the world and I am also tired. My back is aching. But I will try to return the visit to those who left their footprints in my shoutbox. I owe that to my visitors. It’s been a while since I blog hop.


CHEEN said...

you should get somebody to fix it :) mm. take a lot of rest XD

Prettymom said...

thanks for the advise cheen, i am actually thinking of upgrading my desktop but i still need to save some :-(