Saturday, May 15, 2010


I could not remember the last time I dated someone. But I guess the last date I had was before I gave birth to my son. From them on I decided to stop dating because of many reasons.

But year after giving birth when I tried my luck in finding my love online and with God’s help I met someone whom I became my boyfriend for more than four years now. Though we haven’t go out for a date because he is living in another part of the world and so do I but distance didn’t stop us to pursue our relationship. However, I sometimes wish that we could go out on a date but I know it’s not possible this time so I shall wait for the right time.

And speaking about dating, I have this friend who just dated a guy once. I do not know her reason as she choice to keep it to herself. Recently, I found this website share four important reason why dates disappear. Apart from this the website give important information in dating.


imelda said...

dating can be online too, lot, lol

NovaS said...

dating online is where i found my one and true love...i never regret it

Prettymom said...

hasus... oo ngayan ano..