Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Host

As you all know, I want to have a wordpress blog as I’ve heard that wordpress blog has more offer compare to free hosting blogs. At first I am hesitating since I am not sure if I could handle a wordpress blog I am just lucky that my host is always ready to lend her hand every time I need her help.

Been wanting to open my new blog to the public and ask for link exchange but I always end up moving it to another day because of downtime problem. I am pleased that my blog has new host. Rosa promises me that my host now is more good compare to my previous host. Anyway, I’ll see what will happen in the next following day.

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NovaS said...

na same here i've been trying to open wordpress i do have and started it but end up doing it later.. too confusing unlike blogger na friendly user sya... take note i open my account last 2008 and its now 2010 hahaha i'm not sure when to publish it got to familiarized everything first before publicly announce it...

good luck