Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mobile Talks

When it comes to electronic gadget or any high-tech gadget I must admit that my knowledge is not enough. So every time I had a chance I always tried to read and search website that tackles high-tech gadget. One great website that I found recently is golivemobile, this site talks about mobile phones such as mobile marketing, mobile content, and mobile billing industries. My phone is out-of-date that is why I am planning to buy a new one when my finances is good. But this time, I shall be happy with the phone I have. Important is I can call and receive calls, I can also send sms as well as receive messages.

Talking about mobile, I remember I need to put my mobile on charge as I am going to go back to my aunt’s house to help the preparation for our Santa Cruzan later today. I already received an sms from my friend asking me to go back soon.