Sunday, October 10, 2010

Award Plaques

I personally know someone who likes to join beauty competition. Few weeks ago I accidentally saw her in mall. We had a shot chitchat and before we part our ways she asked me to visit her for she have a lot of stories to share. Without any ado I immediately accept her offer to visit her after few days prior to our meeting.

The first thing I notice when I entered their house was the award plaques that is displayed together in one part of the house. I wonder if all of those plaque owned by my friend from joining beauty contest. But then, I won’t be surprised because she has the looks and the brain of a beauty queen.

Talking about plaque, I remember I friend asked me to help him find affordable plaque for their upcoming fiesta celebration. My friend choice to give an award plaque for this is more durable and decent compare to trophies. Good thing I happen to came across this site that offer different types of plaque. With their wide selection of plaques available I am quite sure my friend will find something that suits his budget. He can also check out personalized discounted plaques of his choice.


peach said...

wow! i absolutely LOVE your blog design and posts!<3 keep up the great work!!<33 xx peach

imelda said...

hi lot, i love this blog lay out you have here. award plaques?they are good souvenirs for posterity.