Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Participantes

Here are the last batch of Pinoy Fear Factor profile. Please click here for other other batch of participantes

LJ Moreno
Age: 27
Origin: Marikina
Occupation: Preschool teacher, actress
Greatest fear/s: Deep water, cockroach

After appearing in TV commercials and gracing magazine pages at a young age, LJ ventured into acting on TV and movies. But she decided to leave behind a stable showbiz career to focus on other things that are also important to her. When her parents got separated and her mother migrated to the US, LJ became a sister and mother to her younger siblings. While doing her responsibility to her family, she finished a degree in early childhood education

LJ tried to live a different life away from the limelight. During this time she grew fond of competitive sports like racing, wakeboarding, and the likes. Given all the physical and emotional challenges she had gone through, LJ believes that she has what it takes to be the first El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America.


Phem Barranda
Age: 27
Origin: ParaƱaque
Occupation: TV host, model, actress
Greatest fear/s: snakes, insects

Phem is the beautiful face that brings the latest entertainment news every night on TV Patrol World and every Sunday afternoon on The Buzz. This sexy and glamorous gal has graced the covers of various magazines and billboards. But Phem doesn’t want to be known as just a mere ‘celebrity’ because she believes she has more to offer beyond her attractive face and body.

Many don’t know that Phem never had an easy life growing up. She was born in a ‘second’ family, and in the Philippine setting, people tend to have unfair judgment to children who doesn’t belong in a ‘normal’ family.

Phem believes that Pinoy Fear Factor is her chance to break the ‘usual celebrity’ image people put on her. She is ready to get down and dirty to become the first El Ultimo Participante.

Janna Dominguez
Age: 18
Origin: Dagat-dagatan, Malabon/Quezon City
Occupation: TV host, sales agent
Greatest fear/s: spiders, closed spaces

Janna looks like an actress from a Koreanovela on television. But in her case, the drama of her life story is real. Janna’s biological mother left her and is now living a good life in Japan. Her father married a 25-year old woman who not only became her step-mother but also her best friend. Since life is still hard for their family, her father continues to work in a construction in Japan.

Dreaming to provide the best for her family and an enjoyable retirement for her father, Janna is ready to take on any opportunity and challenge. She is determined to conquer Pinoy Fear Factor and write a better story for her life.

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Tey said...

she is so sexy, She have similarity to Dina Bonevie
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