Friday, November 7, 2008

I want

For long time now, I wanted to learn how to use photoshop software. My reason is to know how to make my own header, make digi scraping and everything that photoshop sopftware has to offer. I am currently downloading photoshop7 for free. Hopefully I could use it this time.

I want to out up of Christmas tree too. I want a red and gold motif this year. I will be making ribbon later today. Hopefully I can take a picture of our tree when I am done.


twinks said...

Hi sis,
naku you can do it! ikaw pa! you're a fast learner, for sure you'll learn how to use photoshop in no time at all. just read online tutorial sis. baka ma addict din ikaw ha..marami na tayo..hehehe..

re: about the Christmas header, sure, would gladly make you one..ikaw pa! anong blog mo? just give email me the details na lang ha.. TGIF! mwahugs!

Tey said...

wow I want to download it also Rose. Please let me know the URL address. I am trying to click on the link but it's now working. What version of Photoshop is that?
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Imelda said...

we decorated our christmas tree today with gold chains and red dominating accessories.

wow, its a dream come true for u to know about this photoshop.good luck!