Saturday, November 22, 2008

Off for a while

I will be attending a special session soon, how i wish i could get back online immediately but i doubt it because we will be making our proposed budget for Calendar year 2009. Opps.. in more than a month we will be welcoming another year.

Anyway i am not done with my ec dropping yet, and i guess i don't have time to continue my drop for today. So ciao for now and good night to my blogger friends from other part of the world.


Lynn said...

wow! i just love the layout, sis. :)

merry christmas! lol.

NovaS said...

I sooo love the layout.. you did this? its pretty cool, i just hope i won't be that lazy to kulikot may html that way i won't be able to keep looking and being to lazy...

nice... i adore it...

Tey said...

Thanks for the info about the header code Rose... and I hope you'll be back soon
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