Monday, November 10, 2008

Pinoy fear factor

After the Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Dream Academy, another new reality show will be aired tonight by ABS-CNN. The show is hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, there will be 12 participantes who will aim to bagged the 2 million pesos, a house and lot, and the title, EL ULTIMO PARTICIPANTE.

The 12 Participantes

Elmer Felix
Age: 25
Origin: Pampanga
Occupation: Veterinarian, medical representative
Greatest fear/s: drowning, deep water, unusual and exotic edibles

Elmer could still recall how he struggled for the professional board exam to get his license. He failed twice in the exam, but instead of giving up, he decided to pursue with his dreams. Elmer eventually passed on his third try and got his license as a veterinarian.

Underneath the average looks of this Kapampangan is a competitive and persistent spirit. A few years ago, Elmer used to be very skinny. He decided to hit the gym and put on some muscles for more extra pogi points. After years of religiously working out five times a week, Elmer now has the body of a hunk.

Elmer is ready to once again prove that persistence is the key to success. He is prepared to take on any challenge and add another title to his name: El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor.


Bernabe ‘RJ’ Calipus Jr.
Age: 20
Origin: Parola, Tondo
Occupation: kargador
Greatest fear/s: heights

RJ was born from a Filipina woman and a French man. However, he never met his biological parents. His mother had him adopted because she can no longer support him. RJ then lived a fast-paced life as a Tondo boy. He became a father at a tender age of 17, and just a few months ago, his partner gave birth to their second child.

Although RJ is ready to face any difficulty, he could not bear to see his daughters go hungry or sick. That is why he is willing to take on any job just to make a decent living. But since he only finished second year in high school, he had no other choice but to work as a wharf porter and ‘kargador’ in Divisoria. RJ also takes automotive classes at night.

RJ hopes to win the top prize for the sake of his family. Joining Pinoy Fear Factor gives him a lot of ‘first times’ in his life: his first time to ride a plane, first time to leave the country,


Manuel Chua Jr.
Age: 27
Origin: Cabanatuan City
Occupation: Self-employed
Greatest fear/s: failure, crocodiles

Before becoming the good son and an able father to a four-year old daughter, Manuel first had his share of troubles. He used to have a lot of vices, being a womanizer and a speed junkie. After a series of mistakes and car accidents, Manuel was blessed with a daughter from his current partner. From then on, he promised to work hard to be a good provider to his daughter instead of leaving everything up to his partner who is a lawyer and is from a well-to-do family.

Manuel is running an appliance store business which he inherited from his father. They used to have 36 store branches all over Luzon. But when his father died of liver cirrhosis, they were left with just three stores. Now, Manuel continues to struggle to keep their family business afloat for the sake of his family. He aims to win the two million pesos and house and lot from Pinoy Fear Factor which he will save their business and to give his daughter a bright future.


Jose Sarasola
Age: 22
Origin: ParaƱaque
Occupation: Culinary student
Greatest fear/s: Deep water

Jose finished high school in an exclusive school in Greenhills and also studied in another exclusive school for boys in the south of Metro Manila. He is now an aspiring chef working as an intern in one of the most luxurious hotels in Manila. Jose lives in an exclusive village in ParaƱaque as the only child of a Spaniard father and a Filipina mother.

It’s obvious that Jose is a rich kid given the many ‘exclusives’ in his life, but he says he’s far from being ‘conio.’ He has two sets of friends: the rich kids and the village friends which include security guards, house helps, and the bums. Whenever he meets a girl that he likes, Jose introduces her to his village friends, and if the girl has bad things to say about his friends, he believes the girl is not the right one for her. Jose says that he enjoys the company of his village friends more.

Jose has been to the best countries around the globe. He plays basketball and goes to the gym four times a week. In spite of this, he finds his life a bit boring. Jose decided to join Pinoy Fear Factor in search of a new excitement. By getting down and dirty in every stunt and challenge, Jose is out to prove that he is not the typical ‘conio’ kid that people think of.


Tey said...

ka guwapo naman nitong mga batang ire..lols... I cant watch it sayang
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twinks said...

Wow..hunks lahat.. hehe..
Goodluck to all of them..
I love watching the original fear factor show..
btw, sis I emailed you about the layout.. i'm waiting for your reply.. thanks.. :]

Maricel said...

hmmm I just found out yesterday that Jose is a participant! He was my "blockmate" when I was still in college, together with Kian Kazemi - Pinoy Big Brother naman.

Can't believe that my previous class mates are now celebrities...