Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fruitful Weekend

Wooott.... it's a fruitful weekend for me. not that i earn some in bloggin but because I have a new layout installed in this blog and I able to blog hop all the links in my blog roll. It's been a while since I blog hop, my busy schedule stop me from doing so. I only hope some of the blogger I visit will visit me return.

Mt google has updated but this blog was not given a higher pagerank so I guess I need to work for it if I want a higher pr on next google update. Keeping my finger cross ^-^.


sweet_shelo said...

wow, very nice layout sis.. I was so busy with sportsfest that I was not able to visit here.. Bravo sis!!

Tey said...

its good hear from you Rose. I am glad everything is doing great with you.

Yeah no money in blogging no more..lols
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Amy said...

hi rose, love the new color layout of your blog.. very cool:)

Btw, thank you for the visit.. greatly appreciated!

Clarissa said...

good for you coz you know how to do it yourself!!great layout!!^_^